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Top makers of memory modules, Corsair Memory and OCZ Technology, this week introduced their new 1GB DDR memory sticks with improved clock-speeds and timings. Both measures are aimed to increase performance of large modules, which are becoming increasingly popular these days.

For years makers of advanced memory modules increased speeds of 256MB and 512MB memory modules due to their popularity among gamers and overclockers. Today modern games demand more than 1GB of memory and encourage computer users to get 2GB of random access memory (RAM). Unfortunately, on popular computers running AMD Athlon 64 processors usage of four typical 512MB PC3200 memory modules cause memory system performance to degrade as a result of clock-speed decrease to PC2700 speed. This peculiarity forces end-users to get 1GB memory modules based on high-density chips and use them in pairs.

Corsair Memory and OCZ Technology this week addressed the need of high-performance 1GB memory products by enthusiasts. Corsair unveiled its XMS-3500LL PRO modules that operate with CL2 3-2-6 latency settings at the speed of 437MHz. OCZ Technology introduced its OCZ EB DDR PC-4000 Platinum Edition modules capable of working at 500MHz with CL3 3-2-8 timings. Both companies will supply the new products in so-called dual-channel kits, which consist of two modules, as well as separately.

Both companies aim new memory products at games who use AMD Athlon 64- or AMD Athlon 64 FX-based computers, as Intel-based systems these days mostly use DDR2 SDRAM.

According to an article at X-bit labs, modern AMD64 processors with the latest core revision can clock memory modules at 400MHz, 436MHz, 480MHz and 500MHz.


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Perhaps you can point out what are the games that 'demand' more than 1Gb of RAM these days? I don't think there is 1 designer out there who designs a game engine that requires that amount of RAM in order for the game to run well.
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