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The market of NAND flash memory is not in the best condition these days. But to make the matters even worse, there are counterfeit flash-based products found in China, according to a media report. Given the commodity nature of flash these days, fake products may appear in any other part of the world easily.

A large quantity of “fake” NAND flash is showing up in the China market. The counterfeit products are packaged as finished products, such as memory cards or USB flash drives, from brand-named suppliers, but the fake chips themselves appear to have Samsung Electronics markings on them, reports DigiTimes web-site. It is unclear who and when noticed the counterfeit products, which are usually re-labeled flash cards or drives that are also completely unreliable.

This is hardly the first time when counterfeit products emerge on the emerging markets, however, given that flash memory is now used widely across the world, it can be expected that fake flash products may also be found on well developed markets. For example, re-labeled USB flash drives were sold rather widely through eBay several years ago.

Besides end-users, counterfeit flash products also pose issues for actual manufacturers since they are sold at a very low price and compete against normal devices on the market. Since flash-based products usually come in sealed packaging, distributors and computer stores cannot test them all of them, hence, users may easily get faulty devices.

Neither Samsung Electronics nor any suppliers of branded memory cards or USB flash drives issued official statements on the matter.

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Thank you for writting this article. You are supporting exactly what we have been saying and researching.

The counterfeit drives are definately showing up in every corner of the world. It is being tracked and documented. People are also fighting the issue - as there are too many victims who have suffered important data loss.

See: and also (for translation - languages and printing of articles).

Samsung name is definately a target of counterfeiters because of it's good reputation. People trust this brand name. USB Drive casings frequently have this name stamped on it.

As for eBay, our early research indicates that the problem goes back to 2005. Recent reports from ancient eBay members say that the problem of fake flash products goes back to 2003. It still exists there, almost all flash products are still fake. In May of 2008, victims of fake flash decided to do something about it. In April of 2008, approximately 37,000 listings existed daily - now it is down to about 8,000 and dropping.

At the end of August 2008, The FrankenFlash Project went public on the internet. As a result many fake flash sellers were shut down. Pressure was put on eBay and PayPal as they did little in the four preceeding months to address the situation. This issue is explosive and begining in November 2008 attempts were make to cut of the main site from major search engines.

The damage being done by these devices and the data lost is astonishing. Victims are not only end-users...

You will find the products also on internet sites around the world in the cheap price categories. Even on reputatable sites. The devices also end up in smaller stores through wholesalers. It is less of an issue in major retail chains as they deal directly with the major brand manufacturers, but then the prices are higher.

Major brand companies are taking some steps to address, by selling in sealed packaging (requiring much sissor work to open) and also by putting identifying serial numbers on the casings. Still, it is possible to produce counterfeits it appears that access to labels and packaging is not restricted at manufacturing sites - or so it seems.

This is unfortunately a subject few people are aware of, they will only find out if they become a victim and have suffered the consequences of using such a counterfeit flash device.

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