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Everspin Technologies has begun to sell the world’s first spin-torque magnetoresistive RAM (ST-MRAM), a new type of high performance and ultra-low latency memory that is expected to transform storage architecture.

ST-MRAM is a performance-optimized storage class memory (SCM) that bridges the role of today’s conventional memory with the demands of tomorrow’s storage systems by providing non-volatility, high endurance and ultra-low latency. One example of potential use is in the area of cloud storage as more users and content are added, faster and consistent data storage access is a necessity.

“Our first ST-MRAM product has the potential to carry today’s high performance storage systems to greater heights. We are collaborating with select customers to allow them to evaluate and take advantage of Spin-Torque MRAM technology sooner and to gather feedback that will help us finalize our 64Mb DDR3 ST-MRAM for production,” said Phill LoPresti, president and CEO of Everspin Technologies.

Everspin’s proprietary spin-torque technology uses a spin-polarized current for switching. Data is stored as a magnetic state versus an electronic charge, providing a non-volatile memory bit that does not suffer wear-out or data retention issues associated with Flash technology. The EMD3D064M 64Mb ST- MRAM is functionally compatible with the industry standard JEDEC specification for the DDR3 interface, which delivers up to 1600MT/s, translating to memory bandwidth of up to 3.2GB/s at nanosecond class latency. The product is offered in an industry standard WBGA package aligned with the DDR3 standard.

The 64Mb device is the first product in Everspin’s ST-MRAM roadmap that is planned to scale to gigabit density memories with faster speeds. Select customers are now evaluating samples of Everspin’s EMD3D064M 64Mb DDR3 ST-MRAM.

“The properties of ST-MRAM are particularly appealing to the enterprise SSD market because of its ability to enhance and complement flash memory technology. The commercialization of this technology is an important industry milestone that should continue to drive SSD proliferation in data center and in-memory computing architectures,” said Joseph Unsworth, research vice president at Gartner.

ST-MRAM gives system designers the benefit of persistent, high endurance storage or memory for applications that demand better reliability and that need the performance boost of DDR3 speed. The 64Mb density MRAM provides an ideal entry point for non-volatile buffer and cache memory in solid state and RAID storage systems as well as storage appliances. The 64Mb device will complement existing low cost memory technologies, reducing overall system cost and complexity.

Everspin is manufacturing ST-MRAM on its 200mm production line in Chandler, Arizona and is collaborating with industry leaders to establish 300mm MRAM tools and additional fab capacity. Everspin is also working with design partners to ensure that the required tools and support are in place to drive the rapid adoption of ST-MRAM, including the necessary memory controllers, memory modules (DIMMs) and evaluation platforms.

Everspin is shipping working samples of the EMD3D064M 64Mb DDR3 ST- MRAM to select customers and will announce details on broad availability in 2013. In addition, Everspin is offering ST-MRAM non-volatile random access memory modules in industry standard configurations, and PCIe FPGA platforms are available now allowing customers to start designs.

"Existing memory technologies face significant challenges to deliver the right balance of performance, power consumption, and reliability as they scale to smaller process geometries. The commercialization of the first 64Mb Spin-Torque MRAM is an industry milestone along the path to broader use of more varied non-volatile memory technologies to improve storage device reliability, and to increase performance," said Jeff Janukowicz, research director for solid-state storage and enabling technologies at IDC.

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Doth my ears deceive me, or doth thou see an end to dirty writing destroying data...ith?
0 0 [Posted by: daneren2005  | Date: 11/13/12 05:09:49 PM]

YEAH, rejoice ,"Everspin Debuts First Spin-Torque MRAM"
it's about time they (Everspin and Freescale before them [Freescale Semiconductor, Inc., 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007. All rights reserved... MRAM is...] ) did SOMETHING mass market with this old/"new type of high performance and ultra-low latency memory" after all this time .

MRAM's very Fast (as fast as DRAM/SRAM) but that doent mean anything if you cant actully buy some kit that actually uses it.
personally id love to see some [4gig of] MRAM in a DDR3 stacked 128bitx4 512 bit bus low power Wide IO Mobile DRAM package mounted in an ARM cortex quad core A15/A8 standard SOC package, although also using it as new on chip [samsung] ARM L2 and L3 could also be fun assuming they want to make a real profit in the real mass markets OC
"It is particularly well-suited for applications requiring extreme power efficiency and increased memory bandwidth (up to 17GBps). Examples include 3D Gaming, HD Video (1080p H264 video, pico projectors), and running multiple applications simultaneously. Wide I/O offers twice the bandwidth of the previous generation standard, LPDDR2, at the same rate of power consumption."
semiaccurate did a write up of it here after picking up the phone and actually talking with Everspin so its a good first speed improvement (even at its current initial 90nm) on the latest and greatest dinosaur NAND Flash SSD , the only initial slight drawback now is getting the motherboard OEMs to provide a timely Bios update to optimise this DDR3 st-mram, and finally putting lots more fast DDR3/st-mram slots on your prefered lower cost MotherBoard as standard to increase total usage.

hell , puting a lot more ram slots as standard on the cheaper MB's ASAP might even give the average user a reason to upgrade their kit and so massively increase the OEMs lower and dropping desktop/ram income this quarter.

and perhaps later getting a free OSS 3rd party app to partiton this st-mram as a hybrid fast recoverable zero power state retention ram disk storage rather than generic ram if thats your prefered way to use it to leave slow dinosaur NAND Flash SSD in the dust.
1 0 [Posted by: sanity  | Date: 11/13/12 11:21:50 PM]

Fix to spinning gears Nokia Lumia
Watch Solution at following youtube video:

0 0 [Posted by: Puja Gupta  | Date: 09/09/13 12:32:55 PM]


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