Corsair Releases TWINX-3700 for Canterwood and Springdale

Plug'n'Frag With CAS3

by Anton Shilov
06/20/2003 | 03:04 AM

Corsair Memory has just released its yet another TWINX memory kits pre-tested to operate in dual-channel mode. The new ultra-fast memory from Corsair works at 466MHz clock, but only features CAS3 instead of more aggressive timings.


Peak bandwidth of every single module in the new Corsair TWINX kit is 3.70GB/s, so, if they work in a dual-channel system, they can provide up to astonishing 7.40GB/s of bandwidth.

Corsair recommends using its TWINX-3700 memory modules with i865PE and i875P and Intel Pentium 4-based systems when overclocking. The timings of the new memory modules are relaxed to 3-4-4-8 (CAS Latency - RAS Precharge - RAS-to-CAS Delay - RAS Active to Precharge) and the modules should work at higher frequencies (e.g. 466MHz) in order to bring advantages in speed. Note that Corsair does not recommend lowering the latency settings of the modules even when they operate at lower clocks, furthermore, the company recommends using TWINX-3200LL (2-2-2-6) modules for using with NVIDIA nForce2/nForce2 Ultra 400-based personal computers and AMD Athlon XP processors for better performance.

According to Corsair, i875P gains much more performance boost due to higher speed rather than due to lower latencies. We should note that this is only valid for certain types of applications; you should always consider buying your hardware after looking through benchmarks that reflect your requirements in computing.

TWINX-3700 kits consist of two 256MB or two 512MB modules for those, who would like to have 512MB or 1GB of high-performance system memory. Additionally, Corsair announced its Plug-n-Frag auto-configuration technology that automatically sets latency values optimized for bus speed.

Memory modules will be available shortly, pricing may vary.