Kingston Launches New DDR2 Memory Modules

by Ilya Gavrichenkov
03/17/2004 | 05:21 PM

Kingston Technology today announced the release of DDR2 memory modules. Shipping immediately in limited quantities, Kingston offers 400- and 533- MHz DDR2 Registered DIMMs, Unbuffered DIMMs and SODIMMs, in capacities up to 1 GB, to support the next-generation computer platforms launching in 2004.


Over the past few years, Kingston has worked closely with JEDEC, the memory standards organization, and DRAM, system and motherboard manufacturers in developing the new DDR2 memory technology. In addition, Kingston is a founding member of Intel's "Memory Implementers Forum", a new on-line community focused on advancing key memory technologies such as DDR2.

DDR2 memory chips will be available in Fine-pitch BGA (FBGA) chip packages for improved electrical and thermal characteristics. In addition, DDR2 memory chips will incorporate On-Die Termination (ODT) to minimize memory signal reflections at high speeds, thereby improving timing margins. DDR2 memory chips will come in capacities up to 4 Gigabits, allowing for higher-capacity modules.

DDR2 modules have different pin configurations, voltage requirements and DRAM chip technology than DDR. As a result, DDR2 is not backward-compatible with existing DDR motherboards. To prevent accidental insertion into an incompatible motherboard, DDR2 modules have a unique key or "notch" in their connector that must match the memory socket.