600MHz DDR Modules Sneak Into Market

A-Data Preps to Ship DDR600 Modules

by Anton Shilov
09/10/2004 | 08:51 AM

A-Data, a maker of memory modules, is reportedly preparing to begin shipments of the world’s first DDR SDRAM memory modules certified to operate at 600MHz, a speed-bin that is higher compared the majority of currently shipping DDR2 products.


Vitesta, a product series shipped by A-Data, memory modules able to function at 600MHz are expected to emerge in Tokyo, Japan, in about 10 days for approximately $228 for 512MB module, a report from Akiba PC Hotline claims. The modules will use unknown DRAMs, will be rated for CL3 operation and will come in 512MB versions. In order to achieve 600MHz clock-speed A-Data had to use 6-layer PCBs and pump up the Voltage to 2.8V. So high voltage may potentially limit the target market for the products because some mainboards on the market are incapable of delivering 2.80V to RAM

The fastest massively available memory modules these days are Corsair XMS4400, OCZ’s PC4400 Limited Edition Gold EL DDR and GeIL Ultra Platinum Series certified to work at 550MHz with CL2.5 or CL3 latencies and voltages in the range of 2.8V.

High-speed DDR memory modules are typically positioned for overclockers and enthusiasts who push the last drips of speed from DDR memory and microprocessors. Since i915P chipset that sports both LGA775 processors from Intel and PCI Express graphics cards also supports DDR memory, the older-generation memory has some more lifespan ahead.