Corsair Ships XPERT Memory Modules with Advanced Monitoring Caps

Corsair Adds Monitoring Functions onto Memory Modules

by Anton Shilov
02/03/2005 | 11:51 PM

Corsair Memory, a top maker of high-performance computer memory modules designed for enthusiasts and overclockers, said this week it was shipping its new XPERT memory modules with complex monitoring capabilities that allow users to keep an eye on various critical parameters without using special software or devices.


Corsair Installs Parametric Display onto Memory Modules

Dubbed XPERT, the new technology uses an integrated microcontroller and embedded sensors to measure voltage, temperature, and frequency on the memory module. Each of these parameters, along with a user-programmable scrolling marquee can be shown on a big alphanumeric display that is part of the memory module. Corsair XPERT modules also have two rows of memory activity LED’s that show real-time memory activity, similar to the popular Corsair PRO series.

The parametric display, as well as the message display, can be controlled from the Windows desktop using Memory Dashboard, a standalone application which provides the software component of this technology. Using Memory Dashboard, the user can control which parameters are displayed, for what duration, and in what order. It also allows the user to program scrolling message strings up to 69 characters long.

The XPERT modules are designed for enthusiasts who use special computer cases with a transparent side that allows users to see the hardware of their computer.

Currently Available at 400MHz

At this point Corsair provides relatively small choice of its XPERT memory modules: 512MB devices rated to operate at 400MHz with CL2 2-2-5 latency settings. Still, according to an X-bit labs review, the modules can be pushed to operate at 524MHz clock-speed, an astonishing overclocking result.

“Corsair’s DDR SDRAM modules of the new XPERT series are highly promising products. It’s a clever, unique and beautiful solution – there are just no other modules with display indicators in the market. What’s the more pleasant is that the display is not just a purposeless embellishment. It is really useful, reporting about the parameters of the memory’s operation to the user. The Memory Dashboard, the first utility ever released by a memory manufacturer, is specifically intended for monitoring the status of your DDR SDRAM,” said X-bit labs’ analyst Ilya Gavrichenkov in “Corsair XPERT Memory: Find Out What Your Memory Is Thinking!” article.

Corsair’s TwinXP1024-3200XL – a matched pair of 512MB XPERT memory modules – is currently shipping worldwide. It is expected that in the USA the dual-channel XPERT kit from Corsair will cost around $450, much higher compared to typical memory modules.