Buffalo Touts 1200MHz, 1250MHz DDR2 Memory Modules

Buffalo Firestix to Reach 1200MHz Clock-Speed

by Anton Shilov
10/30/2006 | 04:32 AM

Buffalo Technology, a well-known supplier of memory modules from Austin, Texas, is expected to unveil memory modules at 1200MHz and 1250MHz in the near future, according to reports from

Japan. The company already sells 1150MHz Firestix-series memory modules, which are already the fastest in the industry and have slightly higher clock-speed than leading-edge products from Corsair Memory and OCZ Technology Group.

Akiba PC Hotline reports that Buffalo initiated sales of Firestix 1150MHz memory modules in Tokyo, Japan, whereas CFD Sales, a distributor of Buffalo, claims that the company also will shortly start sales of 1200MHz memory modules, while 1250MHz memory sticks are also planned. Earlier it was claimed that 1200MHz is absolute maximum for DDR2 memory under normal conditions, but Buffalo’s new Firestix do not require any exotic cooling systems and come with typical heat-spreaders.

Buffalo’s PC2-9200 (1150MHz) with CL5 5-5-15 latency setting, PC2-8500 (1066MHz) with CL5 5-5-15 timings and PC2-8000 (1000MHz) with CL4 4-4-15 latencies come with 2.3V, 2.1V and 2.3V memory voltage respectively. Firstix at 1200MHz and 1250MHz (PC2-9600 and PC2-10000) require 2.3V voltage and come with CL5 5-5-15 (PC2-9600 only) or CL2 6-6-18 (PC2-9600 and PC2-10000) latency settings. Default voltage for DDR2 memory is 1.8V and not all mainboards will be able to work with Buffalo’s new Firestix-series products.

The new ultra high speed memory modules are available in 1GB and 2GB dual-channel optimized kits. In Japan 1GB PC2-9200 kits cost about $340, while the 2GB PC2-9200 sets are priced at approximately $720. The products are targeted at hardcore overclockers and performance enthusiasts who do not really care about the pricing.