OCZ Technology Unleashes Memory Kits for Intel Core i7 Microprocessors

OCZ Announces Triple-Channel Memory Kits

by Anton Shilov
10/16/2008 | 04:15 PM

OCZ Technology, a leading supplier of memory components, on Thursday unveiled its new memory module kit that appears to be the world’s first set for triple-channel memory controller of the forthcoming Intel Core i7 microprocessors. The new kits will be available in 3GB and 6GB flavours.


“OCZ engineered these 3GB and 6GB kits specifically for Intel's imminent platform. By using special-screened, low voltage-capable ICs, these modules are the perfect complement for the Intel X58 chipset to deliver the maximum performance by enabling low latency settings and higher system frequency,” said Michael Schuette, vice president of technology development at OCZ Technology.

OCZ will release the triple channel kits under the series designed specifically for enthusiasts and gamers. There will be several memory kits that OCZ plans to make available:

The early launch of new memory modules by OCZ with up to 1600MHz clock-speed amid just 1.65V memory voltage settings proves the company’s leading positions on the market of high-performance memory modules. Apparently, OCZ is capable of securing latest-generation Elpida memory chips, which are only DDR3 ICs on the market that may operate at 1600MHz with just 1.65V voltage setting.

It is crucial for memory modules to operate at relatively low voltage settings amid high-clock-speeds to be compatible with Intel Core i7 microprocessors.

Pricing of the new memory module kits are unclear at the moment.