Patriot Memory Joins the Club of Triple-Channel Memory Module Suppliers

Patriot Announces Triple-Channel Memory Kits for Core i7 Chips

by Anton Shilov
10/23/2008 | 03:26 PM

Another leading supplier of advanced memory products – Patriot Memory – on Thursday formally announced its triple-channel memory module kit for Intel Core i7 processors. Since three memory channels already provide plenty of bandwidth, Patriot decided to concentrate on lowering latency settings of its DDR3 memory for the forthcoming chips.


Patriot will offer extensive family of enthusiast- and gamer-oriented Viper memory module kits for Intel Core i7 central processing units (CPUs) aiming a variety of price and performance points. The lineup will include the following products with the following specifications:

Patriot did not unveil voltage settings of memory kits.

The Viper series tri-channel kits will also include Intel’s newest XMP (extreme memory profiles) settings for Core i7 processor based platforms. When enabled, XMP settings allow easy overclocking on Intel’s X58 Express chipsets.

Patriot will also offer a 3GB and 6GB PC3-10666 1333MHz CL9 tri-channel kit for their signature line for entry level consumers looking for cost-effective memory solutions for Intel’s new platform..

Pricing of the novelties is unknown.