Kingston Rolls Out Industry’s First 2GHz Memory Modules for Intel Core i7 Platforms

Kingston Details Triple-Channel Memory Module Kits Lineup

by Anton Shilov
10/29/2008 | 02:11 PM

Kingston Technology, a leading supplier of memory modules and flash drives, on Wednesday detailed its family of triple-channel memory module kits designed for next-generation Intel Core i7 processor and Intel X58 chipset-based platforms. Apparently, Kingston will be the first company to offer end-users 2GHz memory modules designed for Intel Core i7 chips.


“Kingston is excited to bring the fastest DDR3 triple-channel memory products to market as we are the first to deliver 2000MHz gaming kits of three with reduced voltage. All of our triple-channel kits can be overclocked manually or by using XMP-ready profiles. The 2GHz modules have been tested to support up to that speed on Asus P6T Deluxe motherboards while the Intel DX58SO motherboards have been tested up to 1600MHz,” said Mark Tekunoff, senior technology manager at Kingston.

The DDR3 lineup from Kingston is pretty broad in terms of performance and price-points, however, unlike its rivals, such as Corsair Memory, OCZ Technology and Patriot Memory, Kingston decided not to introduce 6GB memory kits aimed at gamers at first, but concentrate on 3GB sets. The firm still plans to bring two 6GB kits for those who do not plan to overclock their systems.

Kingston’s DDR3 triple-channel memory kit family looks as follows:

With 2GHz DDR3 memory modules with relatively low voltage settings designed for Intel Core i7 central processing units in the lineup, Kingston has all chances to substantially boost its sales and become more popular among enthusiasts seeking for maximum performance possible.