Kingston First to Release Advanced Memory Modules for Netbooks

Kingston Presents HyperX Memory Module Upgrade for Netbook Computers

by Anton Shilov
03/03/2009 | 01:47 PM

Although netbook computers are not even close in terms of performance to mainstream notebooks, they are quite popular on the market. Despite of the fact that those machines are hardly meant to perform, some companies believe that the upgrade market for netbooks is about to establish itself. Kingston seems to be among the first who believe in upgrades for netbooks as it announced advanced 2GB memory module for such systems.


Kingston HyperX PC2-4200 SO-DIMM memory module with 2GB capacity can operate at 533MHz with CL3 3-3-8 latency settings and standard voltage. The module is aimed at netbooks featuring Intel Atom processor as well as Intel 945 GSE core-logic that does not support DDR2 memory with higher than 533MHz clock-speed.

“A netbook or mobile internet device will automatically recognize the preset low latency value of the HyperX memory module and properly boot the mobile device to provide higher performance than standard memory. Netbooks are growing in popularity and Kingston is pleased to present a HyperX module that makes these small mobile devices run faster,” said Mark Tekunoff, senior technology manager at Kingston.

Unlike many upgrades, Kingston’s is not too expensive and the module costs just $35, which should not be considered high even given the price of a netbook. The question is whether applications typically run on ultra low-cost personal computers demand 2GB of memory and take advantage of them.

Kingston claims that the 2GB HyperX SO-DIMM is suits such netbooks as the Asus Eee PC, MSI Wind and Gigabyte UMPC lines, but it should not be a big problem to install it into other netbooks, including the world’s most popular Acer Aspire One.