Patriot Memory Set to Unveil Enthusiast-Class Memory for Notebooks

Patriot Memory to Release High-Performance Memory Modules for Laptops

by Anton Shilov
05/07/2009 | 08:41 AM

Patriot Memory, a leading supplier of advanced dynamic random access memory and flash products, will release its enthusiast-class memory modules for notebooks at Computex Taipei 2009. While the market of advanced modules for laptops has not yet become significant, Patriot will be the third maker to reveal advanced DDR3 SO-DIMMs.


Numerous notebooks based on Intel Centrino 2 (Montevina) platform allow end-users to tweak their performance in order to get higher frame-rates in video games or get additional speed for their work. Such practice is more than questionable, considering rather tight thermal envelope of mobile computers, hence, additional tweaking may cause instabilities or even failures. However, memory module makers seem to believe that the market of advanced memory for notebooks will expand.

Recently Kingston Memory and OCZ Technology Group released their 2GB DDR3 SO-DIMMs with eXtreme Memory Profile (XMP) that can operate at 1066MHz with CL5 latency settings and 1.5V voltage. Patriot decided to follow its rivals and it is highly likely that other suppliers of advanced DRAM products will also release similar products.

At present, exact specifications of Patriot’s advanced DDR3 SO-DIMMs are unclear, however, it can be expected that the company will release 2GB modules and 4GB kits that will operate at clock-speeds higher than 800MHz.