High-End Dual-Channel Memory Kits Re-Emerge as Lynnfield Gets Near

Kingston Preps 2133MHz DDR3Memory Modules for Intel’s Next-Gen Chip

by Anton Shilov
08/07/2009 | 07:54 AM

High-speed dual-channel memory kits were nothing special just about a year ago, but the triple-channel memory controller of Intel Core i7 “Bloomfield” processor redefined the market almost completely in less than a year and memory kits consisting of three modules became standard for high-performance computers. Nonetheless, the dual-channel kits will be back this September, when Intel introduces its new platform.


Kingston Memory, the world’s largest producer of memory modules, was the first company to announce plans to introduce 2133MHz dual-channel DDR3 memory module kits designed for Intel Core i5/Core i7 processors based on the code-named Lynnfield core. The new top-of-the-range HyperX DDR3 dual-channel 2.13GHz kit will sport CL8 latency setting as well as 1.65V voltage setting. Other HyperX DDR3 dual-channel memory kits will operate at various frequencies starting from 1333MHz.

Kingston was the first among the large memory module manufacturers to receive official validation of its DDR3 memory modules for Intel Core i5/i7 “Lynnfield” processors in July, 2009.

While other memory module suppliers have not publicly indicated intentions to introduce new DDR3 dual-channel kits for Lynnfield family of chips, it is obvious that they will be able to offer appropriate products in quantities: none of the memory module makers have discontinued high-end offerings for Intel Core 2-based personal computers and the vast majority those dual-channel kits are more than likely to work perfectly with Lynnfield (except, perhaps, memory modules featuring enhanced performance profiles [EPP] aimed at core-logic sets by Nvidia).

Intel will release its code-named Lynnfield processors aimed at mainstream market on the 6th of September. Lynnfield quad-core processor for desktops will be made using 45nm process technology and will inherit micro-architectural and architectural features from currently available Intel Core i7/Nehalem microprocessors, but will have dual-channel memory controllers. The chips will be supported by Intel 5-series chipsets and will come in LGA 1156 form-factor.

The first Lynnfield chips to be unveiled will be models Core i7-870 (4 cores, 8 threads, 8MB cache, 2.93GHz clock-speed), Core i7-860 (4 cores, 8 threads, 8MB cache, 2.80GHz clock-speed) and Core i5-750 (4 cores, 4 threads, 8MB cache, 2.66GHz clock-speed) that will cost $562, $284 and $196, respectively.