Patriot to Encourage Street Fighting with Premium Products

by Anton Shilov
08/27/2009 | 09:56 PM

Many makers of graphics cards bundle their products with various software, such as video games, that demands high-performance graphics processors. Although this slightly boosts the price of the product, many customers still like to get something virtually for free. Patriot Memory has decided to follow its colleagues and will bundle Street Fighter IV video game with its premium products starting this fall.


"Patriot's partnership with industry leaders such as Capcom, help consumers get a little more out of their purchase. People want value for their purchase and the biggest value that we can offer are packages that offer 'value ad' across multiple items,” said Eric Ackerson, Patriot's director of marketing.

Capcom’s Street Fighter IV will be bundled with various memory module kits, advanced USB flash drives, as well as Torqx series of solid-state drives.

Street Fighter IV can hardly be called a demanding video game. Moreover, popularity of arcade games on the PC has been decreasing rather dramatically in the last 15 years. Nevertheless, many end-users are likely to enjoy this visually stunning action game for free with high-quality products from Patriot Memory.

Street Fighter IV will be available with the following products: