Kingston Readies Liquid-Cooled HyperX Memory Modules

Kingston Works on Liquid-Cooled Memory for Enthusiasts

by Anton Shilov
12/22/2009 | 11:06 PM

Kingston Technology is preparing to release its new memory modules that can be cooled using liquid. The new HyperX modules will be aimed at enthusiasts looking forward extremely high memory speeds to set performance records.


Kingston recently published photos of its forthcoming liquid-cooled HyperX memory modules. The company has not released any concrete details, e.g. default clock-speeds and voltages or target clock-speeds. What we do know from the pictures by the company is that the new modules will be based on DDR3 memory type and will use standard JEDEC-approved print-circuit boards. Construction of the cooling solution suggests that liquid will cool only the heat-spreader itself, not memory chips directly.

According to the company, it is testing the new memory modules in its test laboratories at the moment, which may mean that the firm is weeks away from launching the new products. Besides, early allowance of early sneak peeks suggests that Kingston is satisfied with performance of the forthcoming liquid-cooled HyperX modules.

Liquid-cooled memory modules are not something exactly new. OCZ Technology has been offering such modules for several years now, but such exotic cooling method for memory has not become popular even among performance enthusiasts. Kingston is the world’s largest independent maker of memory modules and the fact that it plans to adopt liquid cooling for its HyperX devices may suggest that the company expects demand towards such exotic products to increase.