Hynix Enables Memory Boost for Mobile Devices

Hynix Develops 2Gb Low Power DDR2 Chip

by Anton Shilov
01/14/2010 | 11:36 PM

Hynix Semiconductor this week announced that it has developed the world’s first 2Gb low power DDR2 DRAM for mobile applications using the company’s 40nm-class process technology.

Hynix’s LP DDR2 works at 1066MHz effective clock-speed, which is the fastest speed among the current mobile DRAM solutions and provides a high density mobile DRAM solution in MCP (multi chip package) or PoP (package on package) types. The device operates at low voltage of 1.2V and processes up to 4.26GB/s with a 32-bit I/O, providing rather high bandwidth for mobile devices.

The product meets JEDEC standards and is designed for the use in the next generation smartphone, smartbook and tablet PC applications. Hynix plans to start volume production of this product in the first half of this year in order to satisfy the increasing demand on high density mobile DRAMs for high performance mobile applications.

Since its first introduction of 2Gb mobile DDR using 50nm class process technology in 2008, Hynix has been positioning itself as a technology leader in Mobile DRAMs and a major supplier for a wide range of mobile applications. Hynix plans to maintain its competitiveness in a diversified product line-up and capitalize on its technology leadership in the future, the company said.