Kingston Launches Ultra Low-Voltage Memory Modules with High Clock-Speeds

Kingston Reveals HyperX LoVo Modules: 1866MHz at 1.35V

by Anton Shilov
03/04/2010 | 11:10 PM

Kingston Technology, the world’s largest maker of memory modules, has unveiled its new family of memory products that combines nearly extreme clock-speeds with low or even ultra low voltage settings.


Kingston’s HyperX LoVo memory modules can operate at 1866MHz (CL9 9-9-27) with 1.35V voltage setting and at 1333MHz (CL9 9-9-27) or 1600MHz (CL9 9-9-27) with 1.25V voltage setting, which is below the standard of 1.3V for low-voltage DDR3 memory. The HyperX LoVo dual-channel kits are intended for Intel-based systems that use LGA1156 microprocessors and support XMP (extreme memory profiles) technology.

"Kingston is proud to lead the charge with memory for the new generation of energy-efficient systems that yield higher performance. Energy-conscious consumers need to look no further for memory than the HyperX 'LoVo' line when they are assembling the components needed to achieve better PC power performance,” said Mark Tekunoff, senior technology manager at Kingston.

Historically, makers of memory modules tried to differentiate themselves in many ways: they concentrated on lowest possible timings, on highest possible clock-speeds as well as the mix of both. With the launch of HyperX LoVo family, Kingston opens up a new direction for differentiation – energy-efficiency. Time will tell, whether Kingston’s idea will be a success since performance enthusiasts hardly care about trimming power consumption of their systems, whereas those, who need energy-efficiency hardly care about performance.

Kingston HyperX LoVo kits will be available in the following configurations: