Corsair Memory Quietly Rolls-Out World’s Fastest Memory Modules

Corsair Overclocks DDR3 Memory to 2533MHz

by Anton Shilov
05/06/2010 | 10:49 PM

Corsair Memory, a leading maker of advanced memory modules and flash-based products, has quietly added Dominator GTX4 memory modules into the lineup. The new DDR3 products can formally be called the fastest in the industry since they can officially achieve speeds of up to 2.533GHz.


The new Corsair Dominator GTX4 2GB memory modules can operate at 2533MHz with CL9 11-10-30 latency settings with 1.65V voltage. Corsair claims that the new modules are designed to work in dual-channel mode with Intel Core i7/i5 processors in LGA1156 form-factor and on a high-quality Intel P55-based mainboard. In order to achieve maximum performance, Corsair strongly recommends to use its Airflow 2 GTL cooling fan assembly.

To date, a number of companies have announced 2.50GHz memory modules, however, Corsair has managed to increase the speed even further, albeit by just a tiny margin. While in real life the new Dominator GTX4 will hardly bring tangible performance benefits, the Freemont, California-based maker of high-end computer components can declare the world’s fastest memory solution in terms of clock-speed.

According to CPU-Z overclock records database, the absolutely highest DDR3 memory clock-speed ever reached was 3459.6MHz. The record was set by overclocker Blue Ant using 2GB memory modules from G.Skill Memory, Gigabyte Technology P55-UD6 mainboard and Intel Core i7-870 processor operating at 2594.71MHz.

Corsair Dominator GTX4 2GB memory modules are available now from Corsair online store for $325 a unit.