Asustek and Kingston Team Up for Highest-Performance Triple-Channel Memory Sub-System

Asus and Kingston Overclock Triple-Channel Memory to 2.33GHz

by Anton Shilov
06/02/2010 | 01:39 PM

Asustek Computer and Kingston Memory have teamed up to overclock triple-channel memory sub-system of Intel’s six-core Core i7-980X “Gulftown” to unbelievable speed of 2.33GHz. The new P6X58D Premium mainboard from Asus and 2333MHz triple-channel memory kit from Kingston enable highest possible memory performance for the LGA1366 platform.


The 2333MHz triple-channel kit runs at CL9 11-9-27 timings at 1.65V. Kingston achieved the performance level on an Intel X58-based system consisting of the Intel Core i7-980X processor and Asus P6X58D Premium motherboard. Kingston will also soon introduce 2333MHz 3GB, 6GB and triple-channel kits to the market, as well as 2250MHz 6GB kits for enthusiasts, gamers and benchmarkers looking to scale new memory heights.

Intel has already validated triple-channel Kingston HyperX PC3-18600 memory for operation with Intel Core i980X “Gulftown” central processing unit (CPU).

"Our market-leading 2333MHz HyperX memory was created with the highest design-engineering principles and subjected to OEM-quality production and testing standards to gain Intel XMP certification. Overclockers who want to max out memory performance in their Core i7 systems need to look no further than Kingston's latest offerings,” said Mark Tekunoff, senior technology manager at Kingston.

Even though Kingston has not said when exactly the new HyperX modules will be available, it has revealed actual pricing. Quite naturally, the modules are not affordable at all: the 3GB kit will cost $272, whereas the 6GB kit will be priced at $543.