Elpida Develops 7GHz 2Gb GDDR5 Chip

Elpida to Start Shipments of 7GHz Memory Chip in July

by Anton Shilov
06/23/2010 | 11:11 PM

Elpida Memory, a leading global supplier of advanced dynamic random access memory (DRAM), has announced that it had completed development of a high-density, high-speed, low-power consumption 50nm process 2Gb GDDR5.


Elpida’s new 2Gb GDDR5 chip can work at up to 7Ghz (quad data rate) clock-speed and will power graphics cards and/or other memory bandwidth-sensitive applications. For example, the new memory chips can power graphics cards with 2GB or 4GB of memory onboard. The chip is made using 50nm copper process technology and was developed by Elpida’s design center in Munich, Germany, which originally was operated by Qimonda.

At present, Elpida is outsourcing 1Gb GDDR3/GDDR5 production to Taiwan-based Winbond Electronics Corp. The company's Hiroshima plant, however, plans to handle 2Gb GDDR5 production. Basing this production in Hiroshima enables Elpida to provide a more timely and flexible response to anticipated future growth in graphics DRAM demand.

Elpida plans to begin sample shipments of the new 2Gb GDDR5 in July 2010. Mass production is expected to get underway in the Q3 of 2010.