Micron Rolls Out DDR2 Memory for Intel's Next-Generation Platform for Tablets, Netbooks

Intel's Next-Gen Oak Trail Platform Will Work with DDR2 Memory

by Anton Shilov
07/27/2010 | 11:08 PM

Micron Technology, a leading maker of dynamic random access memory, has announced a new 2Gb 50nm memory to support the upcoming Intel Corp.'s code-named Oak Trail. It is a rather surprise that both Intel and Micron decided to utilize DDR2 memory chips for the platform aimed at tablets and slim netbooks now that there is DDR3L memory standard ratified.


Micron will offer multiple density options available in 512Mb to 2Gb components in X4/X8/X16 packages as  well as 1GB to 4GB UDIMMs and SODIMMs. The company promises 800MHz clock-speed amid 1.55V voltage. Micron is expected to begin sampling its 2Gb 50nm DDR2 device in September 2010 with production planned for Q4 2010.

Oak Trail is the codename for Intel’s upcoming Intel Atom SoC optimized for tablets and sleeker netbook form-factors due to its reduction in power consumption and thermals. Available to customers early 2011 (which means that it will take at least six months to actually integrate the device), Oak Trail will deliver up to a 50%t reduction in average power consumption with full HD-video playback and targeting a choice of operating systems including MeeGo, Windows 7 and Google Android or Chrome operating systems.

"Micron's 2Gb 50nm DDR2 device is the ideal memory companion for Intel's upcoming Intel Atom processor-based 'Oak Trail' platform. Given its low-power demands, maximum density and high performance, it is well-suited for the thriving tablet market. Additionally, Micron is committed to this 50nm product line and looks forward to providing ongoing support for customers' innovations around this technology," said Robert Feurle, Micron's vice president of DRAM marketing.

According to Micron, the small form factor, high-density and low-power consumption of the 2Gb 50nm DDR2 makes it an ideal memory solution for the tablet PC market where size and battery life are key features.

"The upcoming Intel Atom 'Oak Trail' platform is optimized specifically for tablets and sleek netbook designs. With its low power and performance for multi-tasking, rich media and the Internet, the features and benefits of 'Oak Trail,' in combination with Micron's 2Gb 50nm DDR2 provide a powerful solution for our joint customers' design needs," said Erik Reid, director of mobile product group at Intel.