Corsair Launches New Performance-Mainstream Memory Lineup

Corsair's Vengeance Modules Have Advanced Cooling System, 1.5V Voltage

by Anton Shilov
11/30/2010 | 11:45 PM

Corsair Memory, a leading designer of high-performance memory modules and other advanced computer components, on Tuesday introduced a new line of DDR3 memory modules designed for enthusiasts that come with robust cooling solutions and moderate clock-speeds and default 1.5V voltage. Judging by the specifications and cooling systems, the Vengeance family has all chance to become the choice of overclockers.


“Customers have been asking for outstanding overclocking memory with a lower price tag, and we have been listening. I believe that our users will love both the exciting new look and the overclocking results they are able to achieve with our new Vengeance memory,” said Thi La, vice president of memory products at Corsair.

Vengeance memory modules are based on carefully selected memory chips to enable excellent overclocking results on current- and future-generation platforms from Advanced Micro Devices and Intel Corp. At least initially, Vengeance DDR3 memory modules will support 1600MHz and 1866MHz clock-speeds (CL9) amid 1.5V voltage and moderate price-points. Since all high-quality DDR3 modules and chips can handle higher that 1.6V - 1.65V voltage settings easily, end-users will be able to increase both voltages and memory speeds without substantial risk. To further improve overclockability, the Vengeance modules feature robust aluminum cooling systems with high fins.

Vengeance DDR3 memory kits are available in single, dual, or triple module kits, with sizes ranging from 4GB all the way up to 16GB.  The initial Corsair Vengeance family will consist of seven memory kits. All module kits are compatible with current and future generation platforms from the two major CPU suppliers.