Corsair Memory Launches 2.13GHz Memory Modules with Reduced Voltage

Corsair’s New Dominator GT Runs at Extreme Clock-Speed, Standard Voltage

by Anton Shilov
12/14/2010 | 06:26 PM

Corsair Memory, a leading supplier of advanced memory modules and other computer parts, has released new Dominator GT memory modules capable of running at whopping 2133MHz clock-speed amid standard 1.5V voltage for DDR3 memory. At present the memory modules have no rivals with the same features in the industry.


The new Dominator GT 4GB kit supports maximum clock-speed of 2.13GHz with CL9 11-9-27 latency settings at 1.5 voltage. Typically, ultra-fast memory modules designed for overclockers and PC enthusiasts utilize 1.60V, 1.65V or higher voltages, which naturally affects life expectancy of both modules as well as mainboards. The new modules operate at 1.5V, which means that it is standard speed for DDR3 memory standard. The lack of voltage increase by the manufacturer means that the end-users can almost safely boost the voltages as well as the frequency.

"We have seen an increasing number of requests from overclockers for memory that can achieve high clock speeds at lower voltages. At 2133MHz, this 4GB memory is the world's fastest commercially available memory at 1.5 volts,” said Thi La, vice president of memory products at Corsair.

The new product by Corsair is one of its kind at the moment. But the natural increase of new DDR3 clock-speed potential means that there will be more similar products shortly. Alternatively, this means that Corsair and its rivals will soon launch new breeds of ultra-speed memory modules with higher voltages that feature frequencies never seen before.

The new CMT4GX3M2B2133C9 Dominator GT memory kit, complete with signature racing-red livery, will be available within two weeks from selected Corsair distributors and resellers. This kit includes Corsair's patented DHX+ heatsink, as well as the GT Airflow module, for maximum thermal performance. MSRP for this memory kit is $169.99.