G.Skill Shrinks Latencies on Ultra High-Speed Memory Modules

G.Skill Unveils 2.3GHz Memory Modules with CL7 Latency

by Anton Shilov
03/03/2011 | 09:41 AM

After the solid-state drives started to gain popularity, many traditional suppliers of high-speed memory modules started to put much more attention on advancing SSDs rather than on making the best  memory solutions. But G.Skill, a popular supplier of advanced DRAM modules, continues to design interesting memory products. This week the company unveiled ultra-high-speed sticks with low latencies.


At CeBIT 2011 trade-show, G.Skill introduced two new dual-channel 4GB memory kits that can operate at 2133MHz with CL6 latency setting and at 2300MHz with CL7 latency setting. Power requirements of the high-end memory modules are not known at present. While 2.13GHz and 2.30GHz memory modules are available from numerous manufacturers nowadays, G.Skill is the first company in the world to introduce such high-speed memory modules with CL6 and CL7 timings, which are aggressive even for speeds like 1.60GHz.

The new RipjawsX ultra high-speed memory kits with aggressive latencies are designed for Intel Core i-series "Sandy Bridge" platforms with Intel P67 core-logic. The modules will naturally require high-end mainboards in order to demonstrate their potential completely.

G.Skill did not announce when the new dual-channel 4GB memory kits are available. Pricing of the new RipjawsX modules is also unknown.