Toshiba Completes Development of 19nm Technology Process for Flash

Toshiba to Make NAND Flash Memory at 19nm Node in Q3 2011

by Anton Shilov
04/21/2011 | 12:55 PM

Toshiba Corp. on Thursday said that it had completed development of its 19nm process technology for NAND flash memory and managed to manufacture the first 64Gb (8GB) flash memory chip using the new fabrication process. Toshiba will start commercial manufacturing at 19nm node in the third quarter of this year.


The 19nm process technology is currently the world's thinnest fabrication process for NAND flash memory, which can only be rivaled by 20nm process technology recently introduced by Intel Micron Flash Technologies (IMFT). This latest technology advance has already been applied to 2-bit-per-cell 64Gb chips that are the world's smallest and offer the highest density on a single chip (8GB). Toshiba will also add 3-bit-per-cell (3bpc) products fabricated with the 19nm process technology to its product line-up.

Application of the 19nm generation process technology will further shrink chip size, allowing Toshiba to assemble sixteen 64Gbit NAND flash memory chips in one package and to deliver 128GB devices for application in smartphones and tablet PCs. The 19nm process products are also equipped with Toggle DDR2.0, which enhances data transfer speed. Toshiba did not reveal how many write cycles will the new memory chips endure.

Samples of 2-bit-per-cell 64-gigabit will be available from the end of this month with mass production scheduled for the third quarter of the year.