Corsair Unveils Limited Edition 8GB Memory Kit with Reduced Voltage, Aggressive Latencies

Corsair Unleashes 8GB 2.13GB Kit with Reduced Voltages and Aggressive Timings

by Anton Shilov
07/19/2011 | 11:51 PM

Corsair Memory, a leading supplier of high-end memory modules and other components for PC performance enthusiasts, has unveiled a new 8GB DDR3 memory kit with high clock-speeds, reduced voltages and aggressive timings. The new kit seems to be rather unique in terms of specifications.


The new 8GB dual-channel DDR3 kit is guaranteed to operate at 2133MHz at a memory voltage of 1.5V, and with a timing specification of CL9 11-9. With latency settings this low, the new Dominator GT modules have the most aggressive timing specification of any 2*4GB 2.13GHz 1.5V memory kit available today. The Dominator GT memory modules also utilize Corsair's proprietary DHX+ printed-circuit boards and cooling solutions.

"The unprecedented timing specification on the 1.5V Dominator GT kit makes it ideal for overclocking. Dominator GT memory is designed for enthusiasts who are obsessed with pushing their PC's performance to the limit, and this latest kit is a worthy addition to the family," said Giovanni Sena, director of memory products at Corsair.

The new hand-assembled Dominator GT memory kit is the product of a multi-stage component screening process in which individual memory ICs are screened before assembly onto the PCBs, which then undergo additional rigorous testing to ensure reliable performance. Qualification is performed on Intel Core i-series "Sandy Bridge" platform powered by Intel P67 and P55 core-logic sets.

The 1.5V 8GB Dominator GT (CMT8GX3M2A2133C9) DDR3 memory kit may be purchased directly from for $499. Limited quantities are available.