Corsair Readies 3GHz DDR3 Dominator Platinum Memory Modules

Corsair Memory to Introduce New Extreme Modules for Enthusiasts This Summer

by Anton Shilov
05/30/2012 | 04:27 PM

Corsair Memory introduced its original Dominator-series of memory modules back in 2006 to coincide with the launch of Intel Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Quad microprocessors. The Dominator modules quickly became popular for their high performance, reliability, overclockability and wide availability worldwide.  This summer, Corsair plans to revolutionize the memory market once again with the Dominator Platinum family of products.


Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR3 memory modules will use a new printed circuit board (PCB) with internal cooling planes/layers as well as external copper thermal pads that are specifically tailored to install specials DHX (dual-path heat exchange) aluminum fins that dissipate the heat absorbed by the PCB. The Dominator Platinum modules will also continue to use aluminum heat-spreaders installed onto memory chips themselves. In a bid to make Dominator Platinum even more desired by performance enthusiasts and PC modders, Corsair will equip them with special light bars and light pipes that can be customized to change the look of memory modules. Finally, the Dominator Platinum will support Corsair Link technology that allows to precisely monitor and control their operation.

Among the first offerings in the Corsair Dominator Platinum family will be DDR3 memory modules based on latest-generation 4Gb memory chips rated to run at whopping 3.0GHz. The first breed of modules will also include various dual-channel and quad-channel options for Intel Core i-series 3000 microprocessors running on Z77 (LGA1156) and X79 (LGA2011) platforms that support Intel XMP 1.3 profiles, according to an ad published in a fresh issue of Computer Power User magazine. The new modules will also be compatible with other DDR3 platforms from AMD and Intel.

In the recent years Corsair's rivals started to catch up with the Dominator-series modules in terms of speed. For example, the first 3000MHz memory modules were announced several weeks ago. But with all the advancements made to cooling system and PCB, the Dominator Platinum will not bring just new speed bins to the Dominator family, but will enable further overclocking potential for those looking forward performance records.

But while Corsair Dominator may be described as unmatched in terms of performance, reliability, overclocking potential and other characteristic, there is just one that clearly does not describe this family: affordability, the modules made to perform do cost a lot. Expect in stores this summer.