Micron Follows Rival SK Hynix with DDR3L-RS Memory

Micron Starts to Sell DDR3L-RS Memory for Ultrabooks

by Anton Shilov
09/18/2012 | 08:50 PM

Micron Technology, one of the world's largest supplier of DRAM, on Tuesday announced high-volume availability of DDR3L-RS memory for ultra-thin laptops. Micron unveils its DDR3L with reduced standby current just several days after SK Hynix, one of its major rivals, and sometime ahead of other memory suppliers.


Micron Technology's DDR3L-RS SDRAM is made using 30nm-class process technology and is available in 2Gb and 4Gb chips that operate at 1.60GHz. The DDR3L-RS solutions reduce power consumption in standby to provide longer battery life and have been tested on Intel reference mobile platforms based on Intel Core i7 "Ivy Bridge" microprocessors and Intel 7-series/C216 chipset.

Previously announced as "DDR3Lm", DDR3L-RS devices improve overall system power consumption by reducing self refresh power (IDD6). DDR3L-RS meets the expanding needs of today's ultrathin computing and tablet markets and paves the way for enhanced features and capabilities in products like the Intel ultrabook device.

"Micron was the first DRAM supplier validated on the Ivy Bridge platform with DDR3L-RS, setting the industry standard for reduced standby PC DRAM," said Geof Findley, memory enabling senior manager at Intel.

In addition to the 2Gb and 4Gb devices, Micron has begun sampling 8Gb x 32 DDR3L-RS and is delivering samples of 8Gb x 16 DDR3L-RS; production is slated for December 2012. These products offer additional system design flexibility by reducing board space and increasing density. Additional power and footprint savings are expected with the launch of DDR4-RS in early 2013.

"Micron has been one of the leaders in the development and commercialization of DDR3L-RS and the introduction of its 30nm product is confirmation of this. DDR3L-RS is an excellent option for customers who have tight power budgets and need high performance at a competitive price. We expect many of the next-generation ultrathin platforms to take advantage of DDR3L-RS," said Mike Howard, senior principal analyst, DRAM and memory at IHS iSuppli.