Samsung Begins Mass Production of 128GB NAND Flash Memory for Smartphones and Tablets

Samsung's 128GB eMMC Memory Hits Mass Production

by Anton Shilov
09/19/2012 | 10:30 PM

Samsung Electronics on Wednesday announced that it had begun volume production of 128GB embedded memory for next-generation smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. With 128GB of the new embedded memory storage, mobile handsets and tablet PCs will be able to store more content and applications.


Samsung started producing the new 128GB eMMC (embedded multimedia card) Pro Class 1500 in late August, which is only one month after it started delivering eMMC Pro products in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB densities. Samsung’s eMMC Pro solutions read data sequentially at up to 140MB/s and write it at up to 50MB/s, which is five times faster than Class-10 rated external memory cards. For random reading and writing, it can process up to 3500/1500 IOPS (inputs and outputs per second, respectively).

The ultra high-speed storage device uses eight Samsung’s 64Gb NAND memory layers made using  20nm-class process technology with a toggle DDR 2.0 interface connected using TSV [through silicon via] technique. The new eMMC’s fully managed NAND comes with its own high performance controller and intelligent flash-management firmware. The new eMMC fits into a slim 12mm*16mm FBGA package that supports today’s sleeker mobile designs. 

The Samsung eMMC Pro Class 1500 supports the JEDEC eMMC v4.5 specification that standardizes the most advanced features to improve performance, efficiency, security and reliability. In being quick to mass produce the industry’s most extensive eMMC v4.5 product line-up, Samsung anticipates that the proportion of premium NAND flash in the mobile market will grow even faster.

“By doubling the highest density of its previous eMMC products, Samsung expects to contribute significantly to a timely release of leading-edge mobile devices. The higher data storage and faster data transmission will bring a range of benefits to users that compare to those of ultra-slim notebook PCs,” said Wanhoon Hong, executive vice president of memory sales and marketing at Samsung Electronics.