JEDEC and the ONFI Workgroup Publish NAND Flash Interface Interoperability Standard

JESD230 Standard Makes JEDEC- and ONFI-Compatible NAND Flash Chips Interoperable

by Anton Shilov
11/06/2012 | 10:10 PM

JEDEC standard setting organization and the open NAND flash interface workgroup (ONFI) have published JESD230 NAND flash interface interoperability standard. This jointly developed document defines a standard packaging for NAND flash device interface interoperability.


“By joining forces to develop and publish JESD230, ONFI and JEDEC have responded to the industry’s need for interoperability among NAND vendors, which will enable even broader use of NAND flash in a wide variety of applications,” said Amber Huffman, senior principal engineer at Intel storage technologies group and chairperson for the ONFI workgroup board of directors.

JESD230 addresses signaling descriptions, packages, definitions, abbreviations and conventions, and is backwards compatible with existing technologies to the greatest degree possible. The standard will help enable the design of interoperable systems that can support asynchronous SDR, synchronous DDR and toggle DDR NAND flash devices.

“JEDEC is delighted to have collaborated with ONFI to develop and publish the first joint NAND flash interoperability standard focused on packages, which we believe will be welcome news to NAND flash vendors and end users,” said Cecil Ho, chairman of JEDEC’s JC-42.4 subcommittee.