Patriot Memory Rolls-Out Ultra-Small “Autobahn” USB Flash Memory Drives

Patriot Reveals World’s Smallest USB Flash Memory Drives

by Anton Shilov
12/19/2012 | 11:54 PM

Patriot Memory, a leading supplier of high-performance DRAM and NAND flash solutions, this week introduced the new ultraportable Autobahn USB 2.0 drives. The flash sticks provide capacities up to 32GB and are designed to seamlessly boost storage capacities of laptops, car audios and other consumer electronics.


"With a capacity up to 32GBs, the Autobahn is the perfect USB storage extension to any laptop or compatible car stereo. The Patriot Autobahn is one of the smallest USB 2.0 form factors to date; you can literally plug it in and forget about it,” said Meng Jay Choo, a product manager at Patriot Memory.

Patriot Autobahn USB 2.0 flash memory drives weigh 4 grams and are available now in major worldwide channels with an recommended prices of $11.99, $16.99, and $24.99 for the 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB capacities, respectively.

Designed for those looking for excellent USB 2.0 performance and high capacity in a micro sized form factor, the Patriot Autobahn is less than 18mm in length and becomes barely noticeable when plugged in.

Car audio enthusiasts can now carry massive amounts of users seamlessly without need for external players or large USB sticks.

The Patriot Memory Autobahn is compatible with Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Linux 2.4, Mac OS9, OS X as well as audio players that support plug-and-play technology. Patriot Memory Autobahn is backed by Patriot Memory's 2-year warranty.