G.Skill Unleashes Memory Kit for Extreme Workstations

G.Skill Starts to Ship 32GB DDR3 Kit with 2.80GHz Clock-Speed

by Anton Shilov
02/05/2013 | 07:01 PM

Just in case performance of an Intel Core i7 Extreme processor with quad-channel DDR3 memory is not enough, G.Skill offers to further boost the memory sub-system speed with modules running at 2.80GHz without sacrificing the amount of memory for extreme speeds. The same kit can able be used to improve dual-channel memory sub-systems.


The new G.Skill Trident X 32GB kit - F3-2800C11Q-32GTXD features 4 four 8GB DDR3 memory modules capable to operate at 2800MHz with CL11 13-13-35 latency settings and 1.65v voltage. The manufacturer claims that its new product is the fastest 32GB memory kit in the world, which seems to be truth as even large memory module makers do not currently ship 32GB modules with extreme speeds.

G.Skill officially positions the new TridentX 32GB kit for performance enthusiasts and overclockers looking forward maximum performance with Intel’s latest performance-mainstream processors, the Core i-series “Ivy Bridge”, on enthusiast-class Intel Z77 platform. Nonetheless, 32GB is hardly needed even for the most demanding games, hence the kit will suit to those, looking for enhanced performance on high-end desktop platforms with Intel Core i7 Extreme microprocessors that feature quad-channel memory controllers.

The pricing of Trident X 32GB DDR3 kith with 2.8GHz clock-speed was not announced at press time, but it is likely that it will exceed $500.