DDR3 Memory Overclocked to 4.28GHz Using Asrock Mainboard and Intel Haswell Processor

New DDR3 Memory Overclocking Record Set: 4285.6MHz

by Anton Shilov
06/11/2013 | 11:50 PM

A new DDR3 memory overclocking speed record was set at Computex Taipei trade-show last week. Using the latest microprocessor from Intel Corp. and the latest mainboard from Asrock, Nick Shih, an overclocking guru sponsored by the motherboard maker, has managed to boost the speed of a DDR3 memory module to whopping 4285.6MHz.


Using upcoming Asrock Z87M OC formula, engineering sample of Intel Core i7-4770K “Haswell” microprocessor and liquid nitrogen cooling, a team of overclockers led by Nick Shih managed to overclock Team Group’s Xtreem-LV-2666 memory module to unprecedented 4285.6MHz with CL14 31-31-50 2T latency settings. Previous DDR3 clock-rate record was 3900MHz with CL14 14-14-36 2T timings.

While setting a world memory frequency record is indisputably an achievement, it should be noted that Nick Shih and his team only managed to reach the unparalleled clock-rate only in single-channel mode, whereas modern microprocessors utilize dual-channel or even quad-channel memory sub-system. Therefore, there is no practical meaning in using 4.2GHz single-channel memory sub-system (with 34.28GB/s peak bandwidth) since it will be outperformed by dual-channel memory sub-system running at 2333MHz (with 37.3GB/s).