Adata Quietly Adds 3.10GHz DDR3 Memory Modules to Lineup

Adata Now Sells PC3-24800 DDR3 Memory Modules

by Anton Shilov
07/29/2013 | 11:53 PM

Adata Group, one of the world’s largest independent makers of memory, has quietly added ultra-high-speed memory solutions into the lineup. The new modules operate at unprecedented 3.10GHz and belong to all new XPG V2 family of memory solutions aimed at enthusiasts of top-notch PC performance.


Adata XPG V2 PC3-24800 memory modules operate at 3100MHz with CL12 14-14-36 latency settings and 1.65V voltage. The modules are only available in 4GB capacity and will ship in dual-channel optimized kits. The XPG V2 memory products are made in conformation with JEDEC regulations and DDR3-1333 standards at CL value of 9-9-9-24; they come with Intel XMP profile 1 that allows then to work at 2800MHz with CL12 14-14-36 timings at 1.65V. Users can further overclock the modules to 3.10GHz.

Keeping in mind that by far not all memory controllers support 3100MHz clock-rate, the possibility of overclocking memory sub-system to such frequency can only be guaranteed on select platforms based on Intel Core i-series "Ivy Bridge" and "Haswell" microprocessors.

The Adata XPG V2 Series is comprised of an extruded heat sink with increased surface area, providing superior thermo-conductivity, efficiently reducing power consumption and greatly elevating signal completion. The new modules are based on industry-leading 8-layer printed circuit boards with two 2oz inner copper layer that increase module stability.

Pricing of Adata XPG V2 PC3-24800 memory modules come with a lifetime limited warranty. Pricing is unknown.