Rambus: We Are Focused on Products, Not Patents

Rambus Vows to Concentrate on Development, Not Lawsuits

by Anton Shilov
08/14/2013 | 11:40 PM

Rambus hired Ron Black, its current chief executive officer, in June, 2012. A little over a year after he took the reigns, his company indicates that it wants to bring actual products and services to the market, not just license patents and sue the whole industry. In short, Rambus no longer wants to be a patent troll.


“We do not see ourselves as a non-practicing entity. We have 250 engineers engaged in research and invention. There is not that much difference between what we do and what ARM does, between an architecture license and a patent license,” said Jerome Nadel, chief marketing officer of Rambus, in an interview with EETimes web-site.

The company, which once proclaimed itself the inventor of all underlying technologies for modern dynamic random access memory (DRAM), is now licensing its own implementations of certain memory interface architectures, e.g. R+ series solutions. Back in the days, the company would simply assert that it had developed certain technologies behind a memory type and sue its manufacturers.

Today, Rambus is reorganized to operate like any other fabless semiconductor company. It has teams focused on technologies for long-term future as well as teams developing products for today’s market.

“Under Mr. Black, Rambus will be extending the company's business model by bringing inventions to market from licensing, from collaborative development, and through software platforms, products, and hosted services. […] The labs group was traditionally looking rather far out, a couple of generations. Ron has shifted that to a bi-modal distribution – now and down the road. The intent is not just to license technology but find the best way to bring that invention to market,” said Mr. Nadel.