G.Skill Demonstrates Its First DDR4 Memory Modules

G.Skill Promises to Push DDR4 to the Limits

by Anton Shilov
09/12/2013 | 11:50 PM

G.Skill, one of the leading suppliers of ultra-high end memory modules, demonstrated its first DDR4 DIMMs at the Intel Developer Forum 2013. Since the first high-end desktop (HEDT) platform to utilize DDR4 memory is still about a year away, G.Skill has plenty of time to create advanced memory modules for upcoming desktops for enthusiasts.


At the trade-show, G.Skill showcased engineering samples of 4GB DDR4 memory modules rated to run at 2133MHz. The demonstration was static, i.e., the modules were not functioning, since Intel’s Haswell-E HEDT platform is still confidential. The modules are based on DDR4 chips manufactured by SK Hynix.

What is interesting is that G.Skill demonstrated rather conservative 2.13GHz memory modules, not something that could run at clock-speeds beyond official. Still, the company has about a year to overclock leading-edge DDR4 memory.

“The next generation of DDR memory is still under development, and G.Skill is working to push the new technology to its limits in the future,” a statement by G.Skill reads.

The first high-end desktop platform from Intel Corp. will be based on code-named Haswell-E microprocessors with up to eight cores and Wellsburg core-logic. The platform will feature quad-channel DDR4 memory, SATA Express technology to connect ultra-fast solid-state drives and so on.