G.Skill Overclocks Quad-Channel Memory Sub-System to Record 4GHz

G.Skill Sets Another Record in Memory Module Overclocking

by Anton Shilov
09/17/2013 | 11:25 PM

G.Skill, a leading maker of high-end memory modules, has managed to make four 4GB DIMMs work at a record 4GHz in quad-channel mode. Such record opens doors for highly-overclocked high-end desktop systems based on Intel Core i7-4900-series “Ivy Bridge-E” central processing units.


In the recent years numerous suppliers of high-speed memory modules competed to reach the absolutely highest clock-speeds of memory modules. In many cases such records made no sense since frequencies were reached in single-channel mode, which is useless for high-end desktops that feature dual-channel or quad-channel memory controllers. This week, G.Skill demonstrated that even a quad-channel memory sub-system can operate at whopping 4GHz.

Using Intel Core i7-4960X microprocessor, Asus Rampage IV Black Edition mainboard, four G.Skill TridentX 4GB memory modules and LN2 extreme cooling system, the maker of DIMMs managed to overclock a quad-channel DDR3 memory sub-system to blistering 4072MHz. The system could boot and run CPU-Z to verify the result. Unfortunately, no benchmark was run.

Earlier it was impossible to significantly overclock memory modules in quad-channel mode partly because it was hard to pick four modules that can run at extreme clock-speeds, partly because Intel Core i7 “Sandy Bridge-E” processors could not overclock memory very well. It looks like by now both problems have finally been solved and it is possible to overclock memory on high-end desktop platforms.

Thanks to good overclocking abilities of Intel Core i7-4900-series “Ivy Bridge-E” central processing units as well as their advanced memory controllers, it is possible to expect custom significantly pre-overclocked desktops from leading manufacturers, which will set up new performance records.