SK Hynix Establishes NAND Flash R&D Center in Taiwan

SK Hynix to Research and Develop NAND Flash Products in Taiwan

by Anton Shilov
10/14/2013 | 11:10 PM

SK Hynix has said it had established a new research and development (R&D) center, SK Hynix Flash Solutions Taiwan. The company will strengthen global R&D competence and customer support by adding the R&D center in Taiwan.


The Taiwan R&D center will focus on intensifying its competence in development of high value added NAND flash memory products. The center is located in Hsinchu, the hub of Taiwan IT industry, so it is expected to become a base of the technology support for Chinese and Taiwanese clients.

Recently, there is an increasing demand for higher value added NAND solutions equipped with controllers as demands for high end mobile devices and servers including the cloud increase. Hence, the role of the controllers has become more important to efficiently interface central processing units with NAND flash.

In June 2012, SK Hynix also acquired LAMD in the U.S. to strengthen its competitiveness in the controllers then had established SK Hynix memory solutions, and has been shipping SSDs equipped with the in-house controllers since the 3rd quarter of this year.

SK Hynix will combine the existing R&D competence and the capability of this Taiwan R&D center to strengthen the competitiveness in supplying total NAND solutions and actively respond to various demands from the market and the customers.

“The R&D center is situated in Taiwan where many of the major chip clients and manufacturers are located as excellent human resources are available. With this opportunity, the Company has reinforced its basis for the future technology cooperation while securing the pool of superior human resources,” said senior vice president Gi Hyun Bae, the head of solution development division of SK Hynix.