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The new head of mobile solutions at Nokia Corp., the world’s largest maker of mobile phones, vows to again make the company as the No. 1 supplier of high-end mobile devices. In order to do so, Nokia will utilize new versions of Symbian operating system as well as MeeGo OS. But the firm has no plans to make slates or phones powered by Google Android.

“Symbian and MeeGo are the best software for our smartest devices. As such, we have no plans to use any other software. Despite rumors to the contrary, there are no plans to introduce an Android device from Nokia,” said Anssi Vanjoki, the head of mobile solutions business unit at Nokia.

The decision not to use Google Android platform is quite logical for Nokia: it has invested rather substantial amounts of money onto development of MeeGo and Symbian and creation of its own software/content Ovi store. Moreover, existing customers of Nokia are familiar with Symbian graphics user interface and may not appreciate Android. However, Nokia has been losing market share for some time now and Nokia needs to act very quickly so that to ensure that it continues to be the No. 1 maker of smartphones on the planet.

“Symbian is our platform of choice for Nokia smartphones. Symbian has taken a lot of criticism lately – some of it fair, some not. But what is consistently overlooked is that Symbian still accounts for more than two-fifths of the global smartphone market,” stressed Mr. Vanjoki.

In the coming months Nokia plans to release its N8 smartphone based on Symbian3 and going forward it may focus on Symbian4 instead. At the same time, the company has promised to release netbooks as well as slates and MeeGo may easily power those devices. Moreover, as smartphones gain performance and feature-set, MeeGo may move onto pocket-sized devices.

“MeeGo offers us an opportunity to take mobile technology beyond the smartphone, and into a new world of connected devices. As Symbian gears up to compete with the likes of iPhone and Android, MeeGo is taking clear aim at the computing space. […] We believe it will power the computers of the future. And the computers of the future will not be tied to a desk or even a lap – they will fit in your pocket. […] Working with Intel, we’ve combined our assets to create a software platform that completely integrates mobile elements such as GPS, Bluetooth, NFC and more. This will offer developers a rich environment to create new possibilities for users,” explained the head of mobile business unit at Nokia.

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Symbian just can't compete with Iphone and Android phones. I recently switched from Symbian based P1i to Android based Samsung i5700 Spica and difference is huge, for better ofc. Android feels much much more like a computer and some features are even more advanced than what PC OS-es have.
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