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Manufacturing partners of Apple reportedly started to make the second-generation iPad tablet, which will have better specifications and features. The device may be introduced formally in the coming weeks and will likely reach stores in Spring or in Summer.

The second-generation iPad slate will address some of the issues of the original one. The device will be based on a more powerful microprocessor, will feature higher-performance graphics core and higher amount of memory, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal, which cites its sources. The device is projected to have a front-facing camera for video-conferences, but is also expected to have a similar 9.7" screen to the original model, which was not the best one possible even for 2010. Despite all of the improvements, the new device is claimed to be thinner and lighter than the predecessor. 

Apple's second-gen iPad will be initially available from AT&T as well as Verizon, which indicated that it will first be sold in the U.S. and will only reach the rest of the world later this year. Pricing of the novelty is unclear, but traditionally Apple does not make its devices more affordable, so, it is logical to expect the iPad 2 to cost between $499 and $829.

Apple sold around 15 million iPad devices in 2010 thanks to the fact that it was the first to release a truly competitive media tablet. This year the situation gets tougher for Apple as numerous PC suppliers plan to release their slates for different customers, with different specifications and at different price-points. For example, Samsung Electronics, which Galaxy Tab slate emerged on sales in late October, had 7" screen, less polished operating system and did not have any price advantage over iPad,  managed  to sell two million units before the end of 2010.

Apple did not comment on the news-story.

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rumors rumors, all are rumors.
I believe nothing untill ipad 2 launched.
But I find some Leaked Photos of the upcoming iPad 2
They all are showing a beveled edge, slimmer design with flat back, cameras, and a back speaker and these pictures here really make us drool.
0 0 [Posted by: zisel  | Date: 02/10/11 01:24:12 AM]

Yes, these are rumors. Thanks for the link to the pictures. So maybe release in March? or April at the latest?

Apple is very tight on information until they decide to make a formal announcement. Further rumors are that there will be several different models of the iPad this year, some smaller, 7"?. I'm seriously considering the purchase of an i-Pad, but must wait to see what the new model(s) are like. Glad to see some competition from other vendors to keep Apple on it's toes. Hope the price comes down, but not holding my breath.
0 0 [Posted by: vee  | Date: 02/10/11 11:17:08 AM]


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