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Google Android operating system could become the next Windows, the major operating system for smartphones and personal computers in slate form-factor, according to an executive at a venture capital firm. While the current success of Android is indisputable, it remains to be seen whether the quality of the OS will ever match the quality of Windows.

“Android is the next Windows. […] Most of us will have one tablet and one phone, and maybe one reader. Not every child will have a PC, but every child will have a tablet. You’ll have much greater reach in demographics, such as the young and the elderly,” said Mike Volpi, a partner at Index Ventures, in an interview with Bloomberg.

Google Android is about to become the most popular operating system for smartphones and has all the chances to power the majority of personal computers in tablet form-factor set to be released this year. But not everything is that good about Android: a number of devices, primarily inexpensive models, do not work as advertized or glitch from time to time. By contrast, the quality of Windows is flawless.

Unfortunately for Microsoft, it has failed to develop a truly competitive operating system for mobile devices, which is why Google Android, Nokia Symbian and many others captured the market of smartphones, devices which outsell PCs these days. That said, Android indeed has chances to become the OS of choice for billions of mobile products to be released in the coming years. As a result, it makes a lot of sense to develop software with Android in mind or invest into appropriate developers.

 “A significant portion of our investment dollars in the next five years will go to Android. Index may pour as much as $125 million into mobile-related businesses in that time frame,” added Mr. Volpi.

Mr. Volpi previously served as the chief executive officer of Joost, a discontinued peer-to-peer TV service. Before that, he was a vice president at Cisco.

Last week Microsoft teamed up with Nokia, the world’s largest maker of mobile phones and the company, which basically invented the smartphones. With Microsoft expertise in software and services as well as Nokia’s expertise in mobile devices, the two may co-develop an operating system for mobiles that will outshine Android in the next several years. But while Windows is a de-facto standard for PCs, it does not look like Windows Phone or Android will become such a thing on handheld devices due to the fact that nowadays there are too many platform providers and the quality of OS alone does not make it the "golden standard".

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While Android has its own problems (it's still a relatively new platform that came out only 3 - 4 years ago), Windows had over 20 years and it's far from the pinnacle of "quality" either. There's so many design flaws in Windows, it's unbelievable. They had to replicate or keep bugs in the system on purpose just for backwards compatibility!

Also, I don't understand why the media likes to call Android, the OS for cheap mobile devices. Last time I checked, a SIM-less HTC Desire, SAMSUNG Galaxy S costs about as much as a SIM-less Apple iPhone...
0 0 [Posted by: deltatux  | Date: 02/15/11 04:57:26 PM]

Ugly ugly world ... as already has been proven in windows case it's not best os that survives just the most viral one
0 0 [Posted by: OmegaHuman  | Date: 02/15/11 05:48:01 PM]

Limited tablet devices are a temporary niche. It's an area where Intel and Microsoft have for a period of time inadequate products.
Typical PCs with full operating systems have over time gone from big desktops to small notebooks. They continue to shrink, as processors get smaller, lower in power consumption.
Why do we have popular limited tablets today? Because Intel hasn't targeted this market - it will - and Microsoft hasn't developed an application system with good touch input - it will.
0 0 [Posted by: CSMR  | Date: 02/15/11 08:05:29 PM]

Yep, and Mili Vanili is the next Beatles, too.
0 0 [Posted by: Hawkeye666  | Date: 02/16/11 08:40:53 AM]

Hey Anton Shilov,

Quoting you: "[...] it remains to be seen whether the quality of the OS will ever match the quality of Windows." (!)

And: "By contrast, the quality of Windows is flawless." (!)

"Quality of Windows"???? "Quality of Windows is flawless"!!!???

Quality? What quality...? Care to elaborate...?

Are you kidding? Any evidence of such... 'quality'...? LOL!

Sometimes I ask myself if indeed Microsoft has deep pockets and long arms...
0 0 [Posted by: Cyber Digitalis  | Date: 02/16/11 03:52:42 PM]

Quality of Windows is Flawless????? You must be kidding!
0 0 [Posted by: beck2448  | Date: 02/16/11 05:39:14 PM]

spare the guy, he must have meant that windows is more sophisticated.
anyways, i wouldn't like comparing these two OS anyway. maybe, I'll start avoiding this kind of news.
0 0 [Posted by: zodiacfml  | Date: 02/18/11 05:46:39 AM]


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