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Via Technologies, once the world's largest supplier of core-logic sets, said that it expected its partners to introduce solutions based on its dual-core and quad-core already in May, 2011. In spite of the fact that the company has been on the market of low-power applications, it does not have immediate intentions to enter the market of smartphones.

"There will be multiple dual-core and quad-core platforms for Computex Taipei 2011 exhibition in Taiwan at the end of this month. Because Via invented the Mini-ITX and the Pico-ITX form-factors, we know how to create alternative motherboard designs for the OEMs. At Computex, we will show low-power, multi-core solutions in the traditional low-end PC and traditional laptops," said Richard Brown, vice president of CPU platform sales and marketing at Via Technologies, in an interview with Bright Side of News web-site.

Via Technologies was late with quad-core chips with almost half of the decade. The company now cannot compete against key x86 microprocessor developers in terms of performance. Nonetheless, the company is moderately successful on the Chinese market of PCs and other devices.

Via's sales for the first calendar quarter of 2011 was $42.24 million which is up 8% from $38.99 million during the same period last year.

But while Via Technologies does have license to make ARM-architecture chips, it does not seem to have plans to enter the market of high-volume smartphones make them volume. The company, meanwhile, believes that future developments of ARM will help it to boost its volumes.

"Via has been in the ARM-processor and solutions business for a long time. We have a significant footprint in China and India with our low-cost ARM netbook and ARM tablet solutions. [We are] in an advantageous situation with the newly announced Microsoft Windows version that will run on both the x86 architecture and the ARM architecture," said Mr. Brown.

ARM-based solutions interestingly, do not have a clear advantage over x86, which automatically means a failure for a number of projects.

"When an OEM manufacturer looks at their BOM [bill of materials] for comparably equipped platforms, there is not a huge spread between the cost of the Via low-power x86 platform and the ARM-based platform. They still require a CPU, system memory, data storage, and graphics capabilities, while display costs are nearly a mirror image of each other. So you will not see a 20% - 30% spread in the cost of manufacturing comparable platforms," assumed the vice president of Via Technologies.

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"When an OEM manufacturer looks at their BOM [bill of materials] for comparably equipped platforms, there is not a huge spread between the cost of the Via low-power x86 platform and the ARM-based platform.

So much for the big price advantage on ARM.
0 0 [Posted by: DavidC1  | Date: 05/18/11 07:43:22 PM]

VIA may have decent low end products, but it must start sending review samples to tech sites and get some coverage if it wants to be taken seriously.
2 0 [Posted by: ET3D  | Date: 05/19/11 01:46:40 AM]

I suggest VIA to go additional way, performance way. Is it so dificult to increase voltage and multiplier to get around 3GHz and go to compete with Athlon X2,X3,X4 (if not with performance, then with price/performance)?

Approach of two segments (ulv and budget desktop) ,with minimum effort, could have double success

I'd like to assemble desktop pc for parents with VIA Nano X2 cpu. But clockrate and non-availability in shop is killing me

+1 ET3D
0 0 [Posted by: crwl08  | Date: 05/19/11 05:33:50 AM]

it's surprising and puzzling that VIA is even still around!

it would be interesting to know what market VIA still competes in. hard to imagine any reason to choose them over modern, integrated Intel and AMD options. is VIA still trying to push $2-300 boards? I haven't seen VIA in any mainstream channel since Intel introduced their $50 Atom mini-ITX boards.
0 0 [Posted by: markhahn  | Date: 05/19/11 11:01:14 AM]

I think AMD should just buy VIA, it does open up a market and its a company thats in the green, not the red when it comes to the books..

Wouldnt cost too much to buy via either.
0 1 [Posted by: vid_ghost  | Date: 05/19/11 04:46:10 PM]


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