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At its own event in San Francisco, California, Advanced Micro Devices showcased a notebook based on the next-generation Fusion A-series accelerated processing unit (APU) code-named Trinity. This is the first time when AMD shows off a running Trinity-powered system up-and-close. Unfortunately, AMD did not demonstrate its next-generation ultra low-power platform for netbooks and ultra-thin mobile PCs.

At the event, AMD exhibited a notebook prototype based on Fusion Trinity APU running the latest Deus Ex video game. Unfortunately, the company did not reveal any performance details of the system and also remained tight-lipped about exact specifications of the highly-integrated chip. This is not the first revelation of a Trinity-based system by AMD. What the particular demonstration shows is that AMD's code-named Trinity accelerated processing unit is mature enough to run without issues for many hours.

AMD Fusion "Trinity"-Based System

AMD’s second-generation code-named Trinity APU for mainstream personal computers (Comal for notebooks and Virgo for desktops) will be made using 32nm SOI HKMG process technology at Globalfoundries. The APU will feature up to four x86 cores powered by enhanced Bulldozer/Piledriver architecture, AMD Radeon HD 7000-series "Southern Islands" graphics core with DirectX 11-class graphics support, DDR3 memory controller and other improvements. The chips will be compatible with new FM2 infrastructure.

AMD claims that Trinity will offer up to 50% improvement in GFLOPS performance with the same power consumption as currently available A-series "Llano" APUs or similar GFLOPS horsepower with 50% reduction of power consumption.

Sources with knowledge of AMD’s plans said that the company intends to release the first Fusion Trinity APUs in the second quarter of 2012, less than a year after the company launched its Llano accelerated processing units.

Unfortunately, AMD did not demonstrate its next-generation Wichita system-on-chip for netbooks and ultra-thin entry-level notebooks at its exhibition. The chip is to be made using 28nm process technology and is supposed to be out sometimes in 2012.

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It can run Deus X!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????
2 0 [Posted by: twainamd  | Date: 09/15/11 09:37:22 AM]
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There is a video of that notebook running deus ex, it runs fluidly (video settings are unknown)
0 0 [Posted by: Seikent  | Date: 09/18/11 08:26:15 PM]

AMD is pulling away from intel in the APU department when it comes to onboard gaming graphics. I mean, if the current AMD APU's already outspace the current intel APU's in graphics by a healthy margin, wait until these things come out, that margin will be even higher especially when the next gen APU will be based on the Bulldozer arch. Ivy Bridge GPU performance maybe 60% faster over it's current Sandy Bridge offering on the GPU side which will put it in step with AMD's Llano current GPU's, but AMD's next gen GPU's on Trinity will offer performance 50% faster than it's current APU GPU's. So def things are looking great for AMD on the APU side of things.
3 0 [Posted by: SteelCity1981  | Date: 09/15/11 03:20:28 PM]
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Its really the one thing that saved AMD

ATI was a gamble that cost them allot but in the end saved them from going the way of VIA
2 1 [Posted by: vid_ghost  | Date: 09/15/11 04:23:46 PM]

Good job but what they do wait again.
its like more powerful and faster apu/cpu s from AMD is equal to the very long and foggy / unclear release dates
1 0 [Posted by: Pouria  | Date: 09/15/11 05:39:14 PM]

I think I know what my next notebook is going to have
2 0 [Posted by: DirectXtreme  | Date: 09/15/11 06:30:52 PM]

Every AMD review on Xbit's seems to end on a negative note yet Intel reviews end with hyped future products yet unseen. What's that deal all about?
2 0 [Posted by: beenthere  | Date: 09/17/11 11:29:17 PM]


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