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While Apple claims that nearly all of the top companies within major Fortune 500 markets are actively using iPad slates to improve workflows, business processes and customer engagements, Hewlett-Packard claims that neither Apple iOS- nor Google Android-based media tablets are secure enough for enterprises. When it comes to security, HP bets on Windows 8.

"Clearly, there is a need in the enterprise for a tablet that has enterprise grade security that the iPad and Android products don’t have. I think security is actually the biggest challenge in the marketplace today WebOS brought a degree of enterprise grade security and Microsoft will bring that same set of capabilities," said Todd Bradley, executive vice president of the personal systems group, in an interview with CRN web-site.

Media tablets like Apple iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab are by definition made to consume content and not to create it. Nonetheless, overall popularity of slates among end-users and demands for productivity applications for them catalyzed hundreds of companies to develop productivity apps for the iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab and even smartphones.

It is not a secret that many users now do certain elements of their jobs on mobile devices (e.g., monitoring of news-wires and RSS can be made on a smartphone or a tablet quite comfortably), which raises questions about security of corporate communications and corporate data that will inevitably be accessed or used insecurely. Large enterprises can afford creating their own apps for their employees, but this may not guarantee 100% security.

HP is planning to re-enter the tablet market when Windows 8 arrives, initially with an x86 model, and possibly with an ARM model. In HP's view, Microsoft's enterprise background and security expertise will make HP's Windows 8 tablets more attractive to businesses than Apple iPads and Google Android-based tablets. It remains to be seen, however, how successful will those tablets be as they will only arrive in the second half in 2012, when the market of slates is completely different from today's.

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i just have a brand new HP Slate 2 tablet on my desk for demo purposes and if it's HP’s understanding of tablet experience, then it’s a FAIL on a whole new level. The axed-doomed touchpad was miles ahead.
First, the hardware:
* screen is miserable. Viewing angles are poor, contrast is non-existent, there’s a silk effect on a glossy screen (I thought it's IPS only issue for matte screens), colors are very dull, it’s like shades of grey. My mobile phone screen (and it’s not fancy samoled or ips or anything, just standard lcd from motorola) is miles ahead.
* it’s smaller (width by height) than any today’s full size tablet (ipad, transformers, 10’ galaxy tabs); yet it’s a lot bulkier (depth about 16mm) and weighs more.
* comes with a power adapter and a power cord (EU) which weighs more than the tablet itselt. Come on, HP, this is ridiculous. It’s not a coffee machine or an iron, it’s ultraportable device which consumes less than 20 watts. Give us a proper size, make a slim power brick (dell does it with 12 inch latitudes) or equip a smaller plug cable (fujitsu provides ones). It’ll never fit any skin-type bag. Carry a full size laptop bag just because of a large power brick and a cord?
* now the worst: it comes with with a w7 pro preloaded. w7 and touch basically requires a stylus operation on a small screen (i’ve used windows tablets in the past, like x60 tablet for a 3 years). the fonts and the links are so small that 8.9 screen is useless for fingers. special apps maybe, but not the system itself. In my office, i can plug a USB mouse or keyboard, but the stylus is essential for the touch mode on the move. BUT, there is NO way to attach the stylus to the body (there’s not a hole or clip for it), there’s a 0,5m long cord to tie to, but where? Leave it hanging? how lame is that? Now, nice thing that is comes with a decent leather booklet skin and this has a pocket to put a stylus in, fine, but it’s is not usable when this booklet is in desk-standing mode and moreover, you cant charge it in desk mode or with a booklet closed. ROFLMAO ergonomy.
*they provide a dock, but it has a shoddy build quality. the usb ports are facing slightly down and any usb plug longer than 5cm (maybe a USB thumb drive or card reader) can be plugged in or out only with rising a dock.
* as a business oriented device, it may be used with external screen throuhg a hdmi port. nice, yet, non of the current hp-compaq business class monitors carry a hdmi port. They put a displayport on elitebook laptops nowadays (i have a 8440p and a decent hp la2306x screen) and yet this business-oriented device comes with a hdmi port. displayport it not bigger than hdmi.
*touch responsivness is worse than a donkey year old. it’s worse than my t60 tablet from year 2007. you just never feel when you pressed something.

it comes with a fully fledged Windows 7 Pro, which is nice. yes it’s like a slow-mo on a poor atom z670 and multi-tasking is a chore, but i understand as this is netbook class product. W7 is next to useless for a small screen touch operation. it’s just no good. i struggled on my 12inch lenovo tablet and this is even worse. forget meeting memos, it’s like writing to a post-it paper at best. a couple of lines maybe. i wanted to „up“ the UI experience with a custom tablet user interface, i found a couple which emulates upcoming METRO UI. This requires aeroglass and 3d perfomance and this atom just struggles. idle perfomance was 25-30% CPU usage. The battery will never last more than 2-3 hours on this.
I have a developer edition of a windows 8 that i tried and this was a killer-blow. nothing worked normally (i dont count hardware or drivers as they might be not available), opening control panel tab took more than 3 seconds just to go there + rendering icons. And, they could talk about UI whatever they like, main things (browsing files, control panel, connection switching) is still like old ways and requires a stylus. okay, maybe they do something different in a years time for final version, but as of today, as a tablet device and w8, it’s looking grim.

It is a hopless device. On a transformer TF101 i can at least do things well, like browse and listen music and it’s convenient. Heck, my under 2 year old kid learned how to play, browse, scroll and change downloaded videos on an iPAD i had for a couple of weeks. this hp slate is not a tablet, it’s a CRIPPLED KEYBOARDLESS NETBOOK that somehow has a touch screen fitted to. How bad is the idea of A crippled netbook? what next?
2 0 [Posted by: highq  | Date: 02/09/12 06:51:46 AM]

My employer is experimenting with Citrix apps on tablets? Problem HP? /trollface
0 0 [Posted by: veli05  | Date: 02/09/12 09:03:06 AM]

As we all know all technology especially HP and Microsoft are insecure as well, why has enterprise accepted them as to being secure when are they aren't, nothing really is... I think all technology has its pros and cons for the enterprise world as with the rest of life too... How can HP say such a thing About Android and iOS, for shame...
1 0 [Posted by: adam  | Date: 02/09/12 09:24:56 AM]

i don't have anything against HP.
they make decent laptops (at least elitebook line), business desktops, printers, servers are excellent too. And the business line service level in very high indeed.
but one thing i don't understand: why jump, point fingers and yell at the competition that the current tablets are junk and they don't work or get the work done, while they themselves have shown how big they failed in tablet market.
1 0 [Posted by: highq  | Date: 02/09/12 10:35:30 AM]

A poor stand for HP to take since the Military is ready to go with Android.
2 0 [Posted by: zarthan  | Date: 02/09/12 02:10:43 PM]

Making statements about the poor security of competing platforms is worthless if you can't point to exactly why yours is better than everyone else's. Also holding up Microsoft as a beacon of security when it's manifoldly their incompetence that created widespread problems in the first place, is batsh*t denial stupidity of the highest order.
Incompetent FAIL.
1 0 [Posted by: Frac  | Date: 02/10/12 09:28:23 AM]

Why oh why did they ditch WebOS is a mystery to the whole world
0 0 [Posted by: alpha0ne  | Date: 02/13/12 01:53:15 AM]

There's a DoD Security Implementation Guide for the insecure Android OS.
0 0 [Posted by: scoinv7  | Date: 02/13/12 09:33:39 AM]


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