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Google Android operating system continues to set records, according to the company's findings. Approximately 850 thousand of new Android-powered devices are activated around the globe every day, which is well over than the number of new Apple iOS devices turned daily, but lower than the amount of new Windows-based personal computers bought every day.

"With a year-on-year growth rate of more than 250%, 850 thousand of new Android devices are activated each day, jetting the total number of Android devices around the world past 300 million," said Andy Rubin, senior vice president of mobile and content at Google.

With 850 thousand of Android devices activated daily, Google is clear ahead of Apple, which activated around 583 thousand of iOS smartphones and tablets every day in Q4 2011. Google Android clearly offers broader family of devices: over 800 different models have been introduced to date, compared to less than 20 models with iOS.

The vast majority of Google Android-based devices are smartphones and only 12 million of Android gadgets are tablets. Apparently, Google and device manufacturers yet have to polish the operating system itself, software and devices for tablets before Android will be able to compete head to head with Apple iPad media tablet.

Google Android is still behind of Apple iOS in terms of number of applications available: the Android offers 450 thousand apps, whereas iOS features over 500 thousand of programs for iPhone and over 140 thousand of applications for iPad.

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hey guys I just bought a Ainol Nova BAsic android 4.0 tablet from Its a cool tablet with Wifi and 3G which allows me to browse my fav sites like Facebook. yahoo , google etc Its also got cool games and unlimited apps in android market . I just love my tablet . thank you wickedleak !! I highly recommend this to all :D
0 2 [Posted by: srinivas  | Date: 03/01/12 03:29:39 AM]

Google iz commercializing Linux and making as to pay good amounts of money that goose to they pockets. I hope that more people especially investors and developer's will stand behind a Linux especially Ubuntu. Android didn't achieve to menage to bring premium games to Linux as a matter of fact there's still no serious every day use productivity application. Instead capitalizing on Linux shud make every one's day happy. Consumers should pay less and got more. Hardware manufacturers cud compile software faster and there for be more competitive and cut looses and expense. Software developers cud develop easier thru open and roundup platform.

0 2 [Posted by: Zola  | Date: 03/01/12 03:29:43 AM]

Just a question.
How well does Wine work on Android tablets?
If it works well it might just be the answer for a cheap portable low cost game device. Just a thought. Any-one had any results?
0 0 [Posted by: tedstoy  | Date: 03/01/12 05:01:34 AM]

Loving my Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE from Rogers (Canada).
0 0 [Posted by: RtFusion  | Date: 03/01/12 10:30:11 PM]


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