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Foxconn Electronics denies reports about disruptions in production of Apple's iPhone 5 in one its manufacturing facilities because of strikes caused by a conflict between production-line workers and quality controllers. The world's largest contract maker of electronics admitted select issues, but claims that production of the iPhone 5 is on-track.

More than 2000 workers in Taiyuan, China, factory in late September protested stricter quality control requirements for the iPhone 5 that were imposed after it transpired that there were issues with the coating chosen for the casing. Last week More than 200 quality control employees at the plant in Zhengzhou, refused to work on Friday in protest over their high-pressure work conditions; according to the Financial Times, production-line employees literally threatened quality controllers.

"The incident was triggered by an emotional standoff between quality control personnel and production-line workers. After we addressed the issues, people on the [Friday] day shift resumed work, and there was basically no impact on the production lines. These were isolated incidents and were immediately addressed and measures taken, including providing additional staff for the lines in question, to address the issues raised by both production workers," a statement by Foxconn reads.

After consumers discovered that the black version of Apple iPhone 5 can come with damages or scratches on the case, Foxconn and Apple imposed new quality-related requirements so that to ensure that the end-user gets smartphones without scrapes. Unfortunately, since there is a global issue with the black coating, consumers will easily damage their iPhones themselves.

“There was some problem with the coating chosen for the casing, so they tightened the rules for quality control. But the pressure in these jobs is already too high. You add one more thing, and there’s bound to be trouble,” said Cai Yun, an engineer who has been with Foxconn for six years.

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Of course the pressure in those jobs is high. Otherwise consumer electronics would cost at least 50% more across the board.
0 0 [Posted by: Nightgawk  | Date: 10/09/12 03:56:18 AM]

Foxconn also denied using child labor, beating their employees and other violations that were proven to be true.

BTW, using Chinese slaves does not result in a 50% drop in electronics cost. All of the goods made in China could be made in the U.S. and sold with the same profit margins for only about 10-15% more than current prices when you consider all the costs associated with importing these products from China including transportation costs.

Trying to justify the use of Chinese slaves to produce goods sold in the U.S. is akin to trying to justify rape. It simply can not be done.
1 0 [Posted by: beenthere  | Date: 10/09/12 06:49:47 AM]

Why o why you always just retransmit hypocritic articles. People at Foxconn never strikes :D

These quality control workers probably strike because of idiotic work agreement they had to sign and penalties they pay from their own pocket even when they're not fault. Apple yet again has some faulty design, now it's not a glass or overheating it's crappy finish that some crazy designer said it will work. Well IT AINT WORK. If those people know that person i think they sould chain him on haystack and burn (doesnt matter it aint their culture)

And you say that problem is that these HypeFonz would cost twice if theyre produced in US or Europe. Cmon ... they cost that insane of money because managers stick that wealthy bonuses up in their ass. Not because of underpaid workers in some country that suppress workers rights.

And pitty thing is that these recalls of HypeFonz5 are being resold by some schemers over the net in third world countries as REFURBISHED. No one even mentions damaged crappy products just like HypeFonz4 were. ofc people like to buy overpriced things like 600USD CrapFon for just 300USD.

Well all this blingy-things can happen when there's enough moronic people buying crappy HypeFonz in the first place. And even wait in long lines to buy them.

Tnx for the info at least now we know why there are scheme to get rid of junk at affordable price.
0 0 [Posted by: OmegaHuman  | Date: 10/18/12 05:09:20 PM]


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