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There are not a lot of notebooks or ultrabooks these days that have touch-screens, but Intel Corp. believes that in about a year from now it will be hard to sell a consumer laptop without touchscreen thanks to Microsoft Corp,’s Windows 8 operating system, which user interface is optimized for touch input.

“A year from now, I think selling a PC without touch will be very difficult, at least for consumers. Enterprises are slower to change,” said Paul Otellini, chief executive officer of Intel, in an interview with AllThingsD web-site.

The head of the world’s largest maker of semiconductors himself, who has been praising touch-enabled ultrabooks for quite some time now, these days uses one of a few PCs on the market today with a touchscreen. He even

“It is pretty compelling. I never thought that I would touch my screen much, but it works out pretty well,” said Mr. Otellini.

Although from the software perspective Windows 8 will enable touch-based input on a mainstream operating system, there are numerous hardware limitations as well. There are a number of things that prevent touchscreen-based notebook devices from becoming widespread: one is manufacturing cost, another is heat produced by components of electronic devices (which makes touch-screens uncomfortable to use). The pricing of touchscreens is something Intel intends to take care of this year, but touch-sensing panels will still be pretty hard to implement while maintaining very thin screens that are used on today’s mobile PCs.

Surprisingly, Intel’s chief exec does not believe in tablets as a form-factor, despite of the fact that Apple sold over 100 million iPad slates in two and a half years. The broad market will need to wed tablet with keyboard, other peripherals and high-performance microprocessor to provide decent responsiveness and offer rich feature-set, believes the head of the chipmaker.

“I happen to believe that the standalone tablet is not the form factor people will (move) to. The fact everybody is now fitting tablets with keyboards suggests that real buyers have come to the same conclusion,” said Paul Otellini.

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1 4 [Posted by: edvinasm  | Date: 10/26/12 07:11:42 AM]
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Touch screens are stupid for desktop users.
5 3 [Posted by: 123  | Date: 10/26/12 07:38:05 AM]
I agree, at the kind of distance a normal person would keep the average 24" monitor reaching to touch the screen would be uncomfortable and tiring on the arm. imagine doing that with a 27/30" monitor or even a triple monitor setup...

Touchscreen Ultrabooks do make sense though, because usually the screen is closer to you, it is smaller and at a lower height (e.g. on your lap, even if the surface it is on has the same height, there is no stand to hold it higher) that way ergonomics are better and it would help, if you don't carry a mouse with you.
2 2 [Posted by: Nicktrance  | Date: 10/26/12 09:36:28 AM]
Obviously you never worked at a hospital, where we were required to install many AIO touchscreen PCs into patient rooms for the nurses to use, which is more efficient than using a mouse and keyboard for the work they do in those rooms.
2 1 [Posted by: mmstick  | Date: 10/26/12 10:09:05 PM]
Even then WINDOWS 8 is BUTT UGLY probably just like you mmstick.
0 1 [Posted by: 123  | Date: 10/28/12 08:10:13 AM]
Explain how that was professionally relevant? That was a really immature comment.
0 0 [Posted by: mmstick  | Date: 10/28/12 12:57:46 PM]

Great, now patent the idea before Apple does and make it free for anyone to use.
7 0 [Posted by: MicroBuntu  | Date: 10/26/12 08:23:57 AM]

I love dirty fingerprints on my screen! Yeah!
5 1 [Posted by: Zingam  | Date: 10/26/12 11:08:18 AM]

So I must be crazy for spending $2000 on a Lenovo X1 Carbon 3 weeks ago running Windows 7 and receiving it 2 days before the Windows 8 was released. I must send it back quickly or maybe just throw it out of the Window because it doesn’t have a touch screen.

If Intel is trying hard to cash in with the Windows 8 release, good luck with this OS flop, it is not going anywhere, it will be worse than Vista.

Nobody that uses their computers for serious work wants to touch the monitors so I still do not get it what they are trying to achieve with all this touch bs.
2 1 [Posted by: mil7  | Date: 10/26/12 11:32:34 AM]
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1 4 [Posted by: Bo_Fox  | Date: 10/26/12 06:03:15 PM]
Yes, but...I didn’t mean it from a kernel perspective, as a core OS is better than all previous OSes including Windows 7. From a usability and UI point of view I rather use Vista. Actually I did like Vista over XP although it did have a number of problems.

If Microsoft had come out and said “this is a tablet OS, forget about using it on the desktop”, or provided a kill switch for the Metro, I would be running it on some of my machines.
3 0 [Posted by: mil7  | Date: 10/27/12 02:50:17 AM]
Too bad Steve Ballmer of M$ has apple ENVY and can't see THE WRITING ON THE WALL. Windows 8 is a TABLET OS ONLY DON'T BUY IT if you care at all about desktop usage. Micro$oft is desperate to sell WINDOWS 8 because they know it is next to unuseable FOR MOST PEOPLE and it isn't all that good anyway.
1 1 [Posted by: 123  | Date: 10/28/12 08:09:31 AM]

What is Intel SMOKING THESE DAYS? Touchscreens will only make it even more expensive and less people will buy it. Does INTEL seriously think that WINDOWS 8 is the future if so they MUST BE SMOKING DRUGS FROM ANOTHER UNIVERSE.
1 0 [Posted by: 123  | Date: 10/28/12 08:06:05 AM]


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