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One Laptop per Child (OLPC) association, a project to provide a modern education to children through a connected computing device, announced at Consumer Electronics Show this week three new products: an educational suite for Google Android platform, a reference design for an XO tablet as well as fourth-generation XO laptop.

“We are pleased to be launching XO Learning and the XO Learning Tablet. OLPCA pioneered the inexpensive netbook for learning, and that concept remains viable today, particularly with the new touch screen version. The XO 4.0 is still the only laptop that is designed for children. It is reparable by a child with only a screwdriver. It now has the latest Marvell hybrid-core processor and Noenode’s latest touch screen technology,” said Rodrigo Arboleda, chairman and chief exec of OLPC Association.

Google Android compatible XO Learning System software suite for child-centric learning is available by license to computer manufacturers, governments, NGOs and content providers such as book publishers. Tablets with XO Learning will have to carry “XO tablet” brands. The XO Learning includes twelve major disciplines (art, music, science, etc.) as well as a set of applications, books, games and videos that allow children ages 3 to 12 to naturally explore them. XO Learning offers a full range of parental controls and user IDs for up to three children, a dashboard where the child or the parent can review usage, types of content and the skills the child is developing. Initially, XO Learning will be available in English and Spanish.XO Learning partners include Common Sense Media, Sesame Street, MyCityWay and Little Pim among others.

Sakar International, based in Edison, New Jersey, is the first licensee of XO Learning. It will offer XO Learning on a 7” Google Android tablet of its own design. The tablet will be marketed as the “XO Tablet”. Sakar has the exclusive right to sell the XO Tablet to leading U.S. retailers for both in-store and online sales. OLPCA is currently in negotiations with many other of the world’s leading companies to provide unique experiences through XO Learning in time for the product introduction in May 2013.

OLPC also continues to develop its own line of green and white laptops. At CES, the organization unveiled its fourth-generation system – the XO 4.0 Touch. The laptop is based on Marvell Armada PXA2128 multi-core application processor with hybrid-SMP technology running at 1GHz, Marvell Avastar 88W8787 highly integrated SoC as well as display with Neonode touch-screen technology with multi-sensing capabilities.

The XO 4.0 Touch preserves the dual mode screen, which allows children to use the laptop in full sunlight as well as in the classroom. The XO 4.0 Touch will also offer the free educational software, Sugar, which has been featured on all previous versions of the laptop. Sugar offers over 300 child-centric learning apps and three programming environments for children.

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Are they sill using AMD cpu'S?
0 0 [Posted by: tedstoy  | Date: 01/12/13 02:41:15 AM]
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"It now has the latest Marvell hybrid-core processor", anyways only the XO 1.0 had AMD CPUs

BTW XO 2.0 and now 3.0 have been cancelled, hmm... will 4.0 be cancelled too?
0 0 [Posted by: madooo12  | Date: 01/12/13 08:09:31 AM]

These aren't very going to be very useful unless they can be solar powered. It's nearly impossible to find news about them, but a small percentage of them actually were made with solar panels.
0 0 [Posted by: qubit  | Date: 01/13/13 07:30:37 PM]


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