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While the so-called “phablets” – hybrids between smartphones and tablets – have so far seen moderate success, Samsung Electronics believes that there is a bright future for such handsets. The company will not only sustain its Note lineup of large smartphones with stylus, but will also shortly introduce even larger devices as well as all-new Galaxy Mega family.

For those, who do not consider Galaxy Note II and its 5.55” display large enough, Samsung is developing its Galaxy Mega smartphones with 5.8” (GT-I9152) and 6.3” (GT-I9200) displays, reports SamMobile web-site citing its own sources. At present it is unclear whether the smartphones will be powered by Samsung’s own leading edge system-on-chips, such as Exynos Octa with four ARM Cortex-A15 cores as well as four ARM Cortex-A7 cores, or will feature app processors from Qualcomm.

The Galaxy Mega 5.8” will come in white and will be available in late May. The Galaxy Mega 6.3” will be available in black and white and will be released in the second half of June.

A number of second-tier smartphone manufacturers, including HTC and Huawei, recently unveiled smartphones with displays larger than 5”. The Huawei Ascend Mate features 6.1” screen and is currently the largest smartphone from a well-known manufacturer in the world. Since Samsung wants to address all possible smartphone market segments, it plans to offer devices with even larger displays.

The positioning of Samsung Galaxy Mega will likely be different than the positioning of the Note-series smartphones and tablets aimed at creative professionals. The Galaxy Mega will be super-phones without stylus (like Note) that will be designed for gamers and multimedia fans who need huge displays and not necessarily a lot of hardware and software innovations.

Samsung Electronics has already introduced a special Game Pad accessory for its Galaxy- and Note-series smartphones that will make handsets capable of competing, at least in some ways, directly with dedicated portable game systems. The Game Pad accessory supports various Samsung smartphones with 4” - 6.3” displays and features two analog sticks, shoulder keys, four action buttons, D-pad as well as Android-specific keys. The accessory fixes smartphone into a special frame and then connects to it using Bluetooth technology.

Given the fact that the Galaxy S4 packs massive horsepower, Samsung can easily compete against dedicated consoles in terms of performance. The controls akin to those on video game consoles is expected to make smartphones considerably more competitive against dedicated game consoles among the core gamers, who play a lot and prefer to have solid control options.While such expectations have grounds as games for mobile devices are improving, it should be noted that there are still no titles with multi-hour gameplay for such platforms, but there are such games for PlayStation Vita/Portable and Nintendo 3DS/DS.

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Galaxy Grand is a poor phone design with poor battery life, if these don't have AMOLED or some better power efficient IPS screen they will be flops.

With such large screens they better have 720p in the bare minimum, Galaxy Grand has only a pathetic 480x800 resolution screen.
3 1 [Posted by: vanakkuty  | Date: 04/03/13 11:54:43 AM]
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But it has Dual Sim with 802.11a
1 2 [Posted by: xentar  | Date: 04/04/13 03:04:53 AM]
Dual sim is the only reason why anyone will consider these phones, that not the problem why these might be flops like the Grand, its the poor resolution screen and poor battery life as a result of large non-AMLOED displays.

802.11ac is not much useuful when there are hardly any routers outside in public hotpots or at people's houses. Not really great practical feature.

EDIT: I look now you mentioned 802.11a not 'ac' as I thought. That makes it even more irrelevant, no one will consider a phone these days without Wi-Fi, thats not a feature anymore, its a must.

Good resolution screen
Long battery life
Smooth usable performance (doesnt have to be a speed demon)
Dual Sim

have those and the phone is a hit.

Keep in mind the rumored qHD resolution on a 5.8" or 6.3" screen makes the PPI no better than 198.5 at best and one can easily see the pixels at those levels. It becomes infuriatingly unbearable when you try to look at some good quality pictures on poor screen like those, if the specs are true.

I am looking to buy one such phone very soon as I travel between to countries very often, I went and tested out the Galaxy grand and its was just, poor in screen and crap for battery life. I returned the phone.

PS1: There is this rumor about a phone called "Galaxy Win", but even though the screen is AMOLED the resolution is poor again, same old lame 480x800, but the screen is reportedly 4.7" and still packed with a decent battery capacity. If the battery life turns out good it might be worth considering for me.

PS2: Never mind, gsmarena has got the latest, the rumors were slightly off, the Galaxy Win is not AMOLED screen and its not even dual sim, the dual sim is a smaller 4" phone called Trend II with even lower specs. Guess that means I have to keep looking for something better.
2 1 [Posted by: vanakkuty  | Date: 04/04/13 05:24:15 AM]


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